Lair of the Wolf

We are Clan Wolf,
  true sons of Kerensky.
   No other Clan's claim to his legacy
   can be more true than ours,
  for only we of all the Clans still follow his vision.
  Indeed, Kerensky's very own blood runs through our veins,
  his words keeping us on the one true path;
  the road to Terra.
  Alone we shall walk the honor road,
  raising the banner of truth as we embark on our crusade,
  for trully, we are the salvation of humanity,
  and we have returned.

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As a mechwarrior of the Clan Wolf,
  you are more than a simple warrior.
   We pride ourselves in our following of Kerensky's vision,
   and your actions must likewise reflect his wisdom.
  Waste is not the way of the Clans,
  so you must make every battle count,
  fighting with the skill and tenacity that is characteristic of our namesake.
  What others think is of little consequence,
  for we are first and foremost crusaders,
  and our duty is to Kerensky above all others.
  Go forth and take up arms in his name;
  find pride under the banner of righteousness.