Hacked ROMs that were sent to me.

Just click the pics to download.

DragoonX: A GREAT Dragon Warrior Hack. Sliver X changed all the graphics, some pallettes, all the text, and not to mention maps of towns (possibly dungeons). A must have for Dragon Warrior fans. The story has been rewritten to be more interesting and makes the game worth looking at!

By: Sliver X

Dragoon X

FFepic: Not as BIG a hack as DragoonX, but Sliver X did a great job transfering the Final Fantasy characters into the Guantlet 1 game. Check it out!

By: Sliver X

FF Epic

Weiner Mario Deluxe: A nice, quick hack by Nezbit.  Not much in changing graphics, and Nezbit did change a few levels so they are a heck of a lot easier.  Why?  Because he felt like it!  It's called Weiner Mario because of the hotdog on his head, not because of... er, I won't go there!

UPDATED!  More level hacks!

By: Nezbit

Weiner Mario Deluxe

White Ninja: A hack by BigB967603.  It changes graphics and text in the ROM, River City Ransom.  It's his best hack.  Cage eh?  As in Mortal Kombat's Johnny Cage?  I'm not sure!

By: BigB967603

White Ninja

Josta Mario: This hack has to do with a soda brand from Pepsi called Josta that isn't available anymore.  He is part of a group trying to bring it back, and this ROM hack must've been done in honor of it.  Boy, this guy sure liked the stuff...

By: Josta95

Josta Mario

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