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PENTANO is a strategic puzzle game with sound & highscore
for Win95, Win98 and WinNT

Picture of PENTANO

PENTANO is a very addictive game. No responsibility for your mental health is taken. PENTANO is

You will find all the information about PENTANO (including manual) within the programme itself.

The installation is very simple. You download a zipped self-extracting executable which installs the game on your computer.

Minimum size of display: 800 x 600 pixels

Download current version 1.0 (1.98 MB)

If the file msvbvm50.dll is installed already in the system folder of your installation of Windows you can download a file which is more than seven times smaller(!):

Download current version 1.0 (without msvbvm50.dll) (246 KB)

Contacts: email or mailing address (which is shown in the programme)

E-Mail to rmjudge@bluewin.ch

PENTANO Copyright 1999 Roland Münger