Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition House Rules
Used in Praesidius Sector

These are the house rules we use in our campaign in our games of Warhammer 40,000.


After playing several games, our group has came to the following conclusions:

1)  The not allowing heavy weapons to fire at other targets than those fired at by troopers with basic weapons in a squad is not realistic and hurts game play.

2)  Orks always having to strike last are at a disadvantage to all other troops due to the fact that they are hand to hand troops with very low Ballistic Skill.

To remedy these, we have come up with the following house rules and we give justification of why:

1)  Troopers within a squad armed with special or heavy weapons such as meltaguns, or lascannons, etc., are allowed to fire at a different target.  They will have been instructed to be on the lookout for vehicles or similar threats and will act accordingly.  (In Games Workshop's own words, "Obviously, a trooper armed with a tank-busting lascannon isn't going to waste his time firing at infantry if he can find a better target.")

When using this rule, heavy weapons in tactical-style squads should have the same points cost as heavy weapons in dedicated heavy weapons squads.

2)  Orks armed only with close combat weapons/pistols will attack first in the turn in which they charge.  Power claws still strike last.  Orks will strike simultaneously with troops in cover.  This rule does not apply to Gretchin, as they do not have the savagery of the Orks.

3)  Jetbikes - If they move over 6", infantry will need a 6+ to hit the Jetbike in hand to hand (we will use this compromise rule until we see a clarification from GW).

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