Rebellion on Elba VI


The Imperial forces stationed in the Elba system have figured for a long time that the Chaos Cults within the system would make their move someday and show their hand.  They were right.

On the crisp, cool morning of 591867999.M41, there was a small explosion at one of the warehouses.  It was found to be a group of Cultists attempting to sabotage the warehouse.  A fight ensued, and the Cultists barely escaped from the warehouse garrisson, lucky to still have their lives.

The Imperial commanders decided that to prevent future incidents, they would have to strike out at the Cultists and wipe them out.   A guerrila war wouldn't work, they needed to make a decisive strike.  A recon force was sent to locate the Cultists' base.  Once it was found, a task force was assembled and marched out to destroy the Cultists' headquarters.

The strike was expected to be swift and easy, a quick blow that would smash the Cultists and win a decisive victory for the Imperials.  But what happened instead was a long, drawn out battle in which Cultists kept pouring out of their base, too many for the Imperials to destroy.  The task force was shattered and began to withdraw.

On the way back to the Imperial fortress at Gely, the remnants of the task force were ambushed.  The Chaos Cultists had sent out forces to meet them on their way back, and only a handful of troops survived to get word of the defeat back to Gely.

At Gely, the Imperial commanders decided that it would be best to do a discreet, hidden assassination of the Cultists' leaders.  This assassination was carried out not too long after the horrendous defeat.  An Eversor assassin broke into the Cultists' headquarters and wiped out their leaders, hanging their broken and bloody bodies upon the walls as a display of the reach of Imperial law.

Their leaders dead, the Cultists broke down into many small groups trying for power.  Eventually this wore down the Cultist forces enough for the Imperials to come back three months later and wipe them out.


Campaign Outline

Warhammer 40,000 Battles

1. Sabotage
The Chaos Cultists make a daring attempt to sabotage an Imperial warehouse, but draw the attention of the guards when a bomb goes off.

2. Breakout
Desparate to save their lives, the Chaos Cultists run from the warehouse, fighting their way through the garrison.

3. Recon
The Imperials send a reconnaisance force, to locate the Chaos headquarters.

4. Blitz
The Imperial task force, having been given the location of the Cultist HQ, make their attack.

5. Meatgrinder
Chaos Cultists pour from the gates of their base, in a seemingly endless horde, to try to destroy the Imperial forces.

6. Ambush
Having been defeated, the Imperial forces withdraw.  They are attacked, however, by an ambushing force of Chaos Cultists.

7. Assassination! (Codex: Assassins Mission)
The Imperials, seeing no other chance for a quick victory, send an Eversor assassin to take out the Chaos Cultists' leaders.  The mission is a success, and the Chaos Cultists break out in fighting.

8. Cleanse
On  637904999.M41, the Imperials sent a force to take out the remnants of the Chaos Cultists.


When the campaign against the Cultists was over, the threat had been eliminated.  But security in the Elba system had been tightened, to ensure that no future incidents would happen.  Imperial destroyers and frigates board and search every incoming transport, and Adeptus Arbitrators march through the streets, ready to punish anyone who shows the slightest weakness.  New temples were set up in Gely and across Elba VI and the entire Elba system, so that the Ecclesiarchy could instill proper faith in the Emperor.

Everything seemed fine.  For now, at least.

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