The Fall of Stroab


Stroab wasn't always the well-defended, highly industrialized planet it is today.  For a while, the planet was smashed.  Following Waagh! Gnashrak, the planet was totally devastated.  Hive cities were smashed, and debris from Imperial warships floated in the space around Stroab, littering its orbit.

Admiral Hensley, the original admiral placed in charge of the defense of Stroad, felt that Stroab was well protected from the savage Ork hordes nearby, as did everyone else.  It was particularly well-defended, and had survived anything thrown against it in the past.  No Ork raiding party could dare threaten it.

But this was no mere raiding fleet.   It was a full Waagh!.

When the Waagh! fleet arrived, it fought a series of devastating battles within the system, smashing the defenses piece by piece.  The impressive defenses that had protected Stroab were tossed aside like children's toys.  This did not occur at any small cost to the Orks - almost half of the Waagh!'s fleet was destroyed or crippled.  Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the planet, this was not enough.

The Waagh! launched its landing ships, and all across the planet battle ensued.  Warlord Gnashrak knew what to do to finish off the resistance quickly - destroy the governor's palace.  With this goal in mind, the Orks headed out to seek the main hive city of Stroab.  Stroab military forces put up a valiant fight, but they too, in the end, fell.  The governor's palace fell, and one by one the other hive cities fell under the controls of the Waagh!, the people enslaved, the towers smashed.

The Waagh! moved on.


Campaign Outline

Space Battles (Battlefleet Gothic Battles)

1. Cruiser Clash
The first battle in the Stroab sector was at the Stroab jump point.  The Orks needed a way in, and the jump point was it.  Ork krrozers were sent in to sieze the jump point, but a small fleet of Imperial cruisers stationed nearby fought to keep them from holding it.
The Imperials lost.  The Orks had their jump point.

2. The Bait
Warlord Gnashrak knew that he could take on the defenses around Stroab easier if he were fighting on his terms.  An ambush was set up for part of the Imperial fleet.  While the Orks considered the ambush successful, some Imperial ships did manage to escape.

3. Escalating Engagement
The battles within the Stroab system were heating up.  The Orks were pulling in more and more ships, while the Imperials sent forth everything they could, even damaged ships.

4. The Raiders
Warlord Gnashrak was preparing for the final battle.  A preemptive strike on the Imperial fleet could catch it unawares and cause massive damage and confusion before the final strike.
The raiders caused much damage to the Imperial fleet, and even managed to destroy an orbital station.  But in return, they were wiped out.

5. Planetary Assault
Before the Imperials could muster a response to the raiding force, Waagh! Gnashrak launched its fleet at Stroab.  The final, gruelling assault smashed aside the Imperial fleet and left many hulks floating through the Stroad system, both Imperial and Ork.

Land Battles (40K3 Battles)

1. Take and Hold
The first objective of the landing forces was to take the Stroab landing station.  With this, they would be able to land more troops rapidly.

2. Cleanse
With the landing station secure in their hands, the Orks began to fight a series of skirmishes aroung the station to cleanse the area around the station of Imperial forces.

3. Sabotage
If the Imperials could sabotage the station, rig it with explosives, they could destroy it and prevent the safe landing of any more Ork forces.
While the initial stages of the sabotage seemed successful, the Orks managed to find out about the plot and wipe out the sabotaging forces.

4. Blitz
With their initial landing area secure, Warlord Gnashrak began to move his forces toward the Imperial governor's palace.  With his plan set, the Orks moved forward in a rapid advance, sweeping away all opposition.

5. Meatgrinder
The Orks and Imperials met in the fields surrounding the main hive city of Stroab, Delna.  Each of them threw their forces forward, with backups coming in every moment.

6. Bunker Assault
The Orks had managed to reach Delna.  All that stood before them and the mighty hive were its defenses.  If these could be destroyed, the Orks could ravage Delna with little resistance.

7. Cleanse
As the Orks poured into Delna, they began to go on a series of missions to cleanse the lower levels of Delna of any Imperial military forces.

8. Rearguard
With Orks pouring into Delna with no end to them in sight, the Imperial forces began to fall back toward the governor's palace.  With their forces hounded on all sides by Orks, they barely managed to get to its relative safety.

9. Strongpoint
The Orks had reached the governor's palace.  Now all that was left was a final battle between the Orks and the few remaining Imperial forces for posession of Delna, and of the entirety of Stroab.

10. Breakout
The palace was lost.  Delna was lost.  Stroab... was lost.   But the Imperials held hope for stopping the Waagh!.  A small force of Imperials fought to get off of the world, to warn the rest of the Imperials within Praesidius Sector of the coming of the Waagh!.


All that was left at the end of Stroab's fall was the mission to warn the Imperium.  If enough forces could be mustered and Warlord Gnashrak's movements predicted, there was still hope for the sector.   If not, then a lot of good men would fall before the Waagh!, until it was stopped...

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