The Glory of the Hunt


The Destructor, a Chaos Styx Class Heavy Cruiser, had been ravaging Imperial systems for months.  It had been escorted by two cruiser squadrons and as many as six escort squadrons.  This fleet had been unstoppable because it would jump in-system, destroy any Imperials in the system, and jump out before reinforcements could arrive.

A few weeks ago, Imperial spies within the Chaos fleets had found information on the Destructor's whereabouts.  It was stationed in Daeria system, getting rearmed for another attack.  It was planned that the ship would go to a meeting point somewhere within the Andoris Nebula, where it would join up with the rest of its fleet.  It had only been able to join up with the Innocence Lost, a Murder Class Cruiser, and Christening of Evil, a Slaughter Class Cruiser.

An Imperial Battlefleet was dispatched to intercept and destroy the Destructor before the remainder of its accompanying raiding fleet could arrive.  Unfortunately, the fleet was small.  But there was hope that it could destroy this menace to Imperial citizens once and for all.

The Imperial Battlefleet, Task Force Invictus, was comprised of the following ships:

Imperial Task Force Invictus

Indomitable          - Gothic Class Cruiser
Indefatigable        - Dauntless Class Light Cruiser
Bellerophon          - Dauntless Class Light Cruiser
Victory Squadron     - Sword Class Frigates (3)
Courageous Squadron  - Cobra Class Destroyers (4)

The Chaos Battlefleet was comprised of the following ships:

Chaos Battlefleet

Destructor           - Styx Class Heavy Cruiser
Innocence Lost       - Murder Class Cruiser
Christening of Evil  - Slaughter Class Cruiser

The included document is the record of this battle.



As the Imperial fleet came to the meeting point, it headed toward the Chaos fleet.  The Chaos fleet had gotten early warning from its fighters, but the Imperials knew as well where the Chaos fleet was.  The two fleets accelerated toward each other, Courageous Squadron and Indomitable launching a spread of torpedoes in front of the fleet.  This forced the Chaos fleet into a head-on engagement.  A wave of fighters, bombers, and assault boats launched from the Destructor while it sent out ranging shots.  The range was still too far for the Chaos fleet to reach.


The two fleets powered ahead toward each other.   The Indefatigable and Bellerophon ranged out ahead of the Imperial fleet, heading toward the DestructorVictory Squadron and Courageous Squadron were sent after the Innocence Lost.  The Indomitable powered ahead to attack wherever it was needed.  The Chaos attack craft moved to attack the Imperial fleet, but most were shot down.  The Indefatigable suffered light damage from a bomber, while the Bellerophon had its port weaponry damaged by an assault boat's attack, which was fixed almost immediately.  The Chaos fleet fired upon the Imperial fleet, knocking down shields but doing only adding more damage on the Indefatigable.  The Indomitable and Christening of Evil moved toward each other, ready to engage.  Courageous Squadron launched a spread of torps at the Destructor, causing heavy damage.  Return fire from the Innocence Lost destroyed all but one of the Cobras.  The Indomitable's torpedoes were launched toward the Christening of Evil.


The Indefatigable and Bellerophon then maneuvered to the sides of the Destructor, firing upon it with their lances and broadside batteries, knocking its shields down and smashing its port weaponry.   The return fire knocked down the Indefatigable's and Bellerophon's shields, and did more damage to the Indefatigable, crippling it, while doing light damage to the Bellerophon.  The two escort squadrons opened fire on the Innocence Lost, doing moderate damage, and return fire from the Chaos vessel knocked out one of the Swords in Victory Squadron.  The Indomitable launched another wave of torps at the Christening of Evil as they came within range of each other.  The torpedoes and lances from the Indomitable smashed into the Christening of Evil, doing heavy damaged and shredding its prow.   The Christening of Evil's return fire did light damage to the Indomitable, the majority of its fire contained by the Gothic's overloaded shields.


The Indefatigable and Bellerophon moved around the read of the Destructor as it tried to turn to fire back, stitching its aft with fire and crippling it.  More attack craft launched from the ship attacked the two Dauntless cruisers, but they only did damage to the two ships' weaponry, which was minor and repaired quickly.  The Styx's lances fired upon the Bellerophon, only causing a little more damage.

The remaining ships from Victory Squadron and Courageous Squadron maneuvered around the Innocence Lost, pouring fire into its sides.  The Innocence Lost took heavy damage, large pieces of its hull breaking off.  Its return fire missed the small and maneuverable escorts completely.

The Indomitable and the Christening of Evil moved in an almost parallel line, firing into each other's sides with fushion lances and plasma batteries.  The Christening of Evil took massive damage, and as the Indomitable's fushion lances found the cruiser's engines there was an enormous blast from its reactor, tearing the ship apart and crippling the Indomitable.


The Indefatigable and Bellerophon continued to fire their prow fushion lances into the Destructor, causing large pieces of its hull to break off.  The Destructor slowed, then came to a slow drift, as every light on it went black and its engines and guns went silent.  The hulk of the ship drifted forward, leaving a trail of debris in its wake.

The frigate and destroyer squadron fired once more into the sides of the Innocence Lost.  The cruiser started to burn, fires raging down its hull as its main systems started shutting down.  The ship's burning hulk continued drifting forward, taking it on a collision course with the hulk of the Destructor.

The Indomitable, its engines damaged from the massive explosion of the Christening of Evil, limped away from the scene of the battle.


The Imperial fleet reassembled and began to leave the Andoris Nebula.  Behind them, the hulks of the Destructor and the Innocence Lost collided, the two ships' reactors breaking open in a blinding flash of nuclear energy.


Imperial losses in this mission were relatively light.  Three Cobra destroyers and one Sword frigate were lost, and heavy damage was done to the Indomitable and Indefatigable.  Light damage was done to the Bellerophon.  In total, the task force will be in repair docks for approximately five to seven months, depending on how soon repairs can be performed and how quickly replacements can be found for Victory Squadron and Courageous Squadron.

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