Praesidius Sector

Praesidius Sector is a setting designed for the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  It was designed by our gaming group, the Dragoons, to use in our campaigns.  Praesidius Sector was designed to be used as a place to fight battles, and to have a campaign where the players actually felt that they had a part in the shaping of the history of an entire sector of space.  It is designed to be usable for games of Warhammer 40,000, Epic 40,000, and Battlefleet Gothic.  It will contain information on running a campaign in the Praesidius sector, the worlds of the sector, famous ships, people, regiments, and places of the sector, a map of the sector, new races found in the sector, and much, much more.



The Praesidius Sector is located within the Ultima Segmentum, and so is under constant threat from all manner of aliens.  It is close to the Eastern Fringe, and all manner of scum, heroes, merchants, military, and such pass through the system on their way to the Eastern Fringe.  The Sector is relatively new, and so not many of the planets have yet been inhabited by the Imperium.  The number of unexplored planets is enormous, but more and more planets are being discovered and inhabited each day.



The roles of the different 40K armies in Praesidius Sector are listed below:

Space Marines and Imperial Guard:   The Space Marines and Imperial Guard are the defenders of the Imperium and as such have several bases in Praesidius Sector.  They are charged with defending the Imperial worlds of the Sector and aiding in the inhabiting of new worlds.

The Ecclesiarchy:  The Ecclesiarchy has a few temples and bases scattered through the sector.  These temples are dedicated to bringing the Emperor's Word to this near lawless sector.

Eldar:  The Eldar have an interest in the Praesidius Sector for many unknown reasons.  Some speculate that they are there as arachaeologists, or there to protect their race against an unknown threat.  Still others speculate they are there to harass the Imperium.

Dark Eldar:  The Dark Eldar strike anywhere.  They are especially abundant in Praesidius Sector due to the lawlessness of the sector and the large number or relatively undefended worlds.

Tyranids:  Hive Fleet Kraken's remnants are still within the galaxy, and due to its close position to the Eastern Fringe, Praesidius Sector is often being attacked by its remnants.

Orks:  Ork Waagh!s are theorized to have passed through the sector numerous times in the past, spreading the seed of the Orkoid races amongst its worlds.  There are rumours of entire Ork empires within the sector, even.

Necrons:  The Necrons have become a constant threat to the Imperium in the Ultima Segmentum.  Some worlds have been found with Necrontyr pyramids and buildings, and the threat of this ancient race has placed terror in the hearts of the citizens and military of Praesidius Sector.

Chaos:  The forces of Chaos are everywhere.  Within Praesidius Sector's lawless regions, the forces of Chaos spread their corruption like a plague.  They wait for the day when they will rise up and take the entire sector to be their own.

Squats:  The Squats appear to have taken an interest in Praesidius Sector's ancient races, the ruins of past civilizations.   It is thought that they could be searching for some of their ancient lost worlds and technology within the sector, but this has been unconfirmed.

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