Systems of the Praesidius Sector

Arx Sub-Sector

Corinth System

Corinth is the "capital" system of Praesidius Sector.  It is the mercant center as well as the political center of Praesidius Sector.  It is protected by a trio of cruiser squadrons and seven escort squadrons, as well as one battleship.

The most notable unusual feature of the Corinth system is an abandoned space station that orbits a gas giant within the system.   This station is reported as continually repairing and rebuilding itself, though science stations set up to monitor the station report no life forms aboard and almost no energy signals.  The station is constantly monitored, and the local warship squadrons always stand in a ready state in the fear that the system might automate itself and attack the worlds of the system some day.

Danus System

The Danus System's position close to the Morar Nebula means that it is often bathed in a radiant teal glow.  The system contains no habitable planets, only a few planets that are mineral-rich and ripe for mining.  The mining worlds of Danus produce a large amount of raw metal for the shipyards of Tyrn.

The Danus system's inner worlds abound with rumours from the miners.  Whispered tales tell of shifts in the surface of the planet, of mountains that dance and rocks that move on their own.  Some have even said that when the light of the Nebula hits the rock of the worlds at just the right angle, faces can be seen and maddening voices heard.  Others balk at these tales, yet there are always some that believe.

Imel System

There are two inhabitable worlds in the Imel system, both of which are beautiful agri-worlds.  They provide much of the food that is used by the worlds of Praesidius Sector.  These worlds are protected by a moderately sized naval fleet.  The Imel system is also home to five gas giants, which are mined for hydrogen to be used as fuel for the Imperial warships in the sector.

V'ruun System

The V'ruun system is home to the largest archaeological project in Praesidius Sector.  The only planet that is habitable in the V'ruun system, Novivates, is a virtual gaia, a planet ripe for settling.  Yet the planet has a secret.  An ancient starship found on the planet by Imperial scientists was covered with ancient glyphs resembling those of the Ancient Terran Aztecans, as well as the pyramidal architecture surrounding the ship.  But guarding these treasures and the world are a race of reptilian beasts, large bipedal creatures covered in ancient talismans and carrying deadly energy weapons.  These beasts constantly attack any scientific expedition sent to study the ancient site, so a standing request for militaristic aid stands in this system.

Tyrn System

The Tyrn shipyards are regarded as the best in Praesidius Sector.  They create new warships and repait the warships of Battlefleet Praesidius.  The shipyards also create merchant and personal vessels.  As a result, Tyrn is one of the richest systems in Praesidius Sector.  It is also well defended due to the constant production of warships.


Robur Sub-Sector

Stroab System

The Stroab System is home to the largest Imperial defense station and garrison in Praesidius Sector.  It is located close to a number of Ork empires, and thus is always under constant attack by Ork pirates.  Its worlds have become hiveworlds due to the amount of pollution produced by the massive factories and energy generators needed to keep the garrisson running.

Remis System

Remis system is regarded as a rather normal system.  With a yellow star and an inhabitable Terran-class planet, the system is quite close to the Sol system in Segmentum Solar.  Remis is thought of as a very nice vacation spot, and its numerous indigenous animal species make it an excellent hunting ground.  Large hunting grounds often have their own breeding centers for creating more animals for the hunt, and rich men come from all corners of the sector to engage in one of the local hunting safaris.

Calcis System

Calcis System is a system with only one world.   That single world is an agri-world, known for producing some of the finest fruits in the Ultima Segmentum.  The wines created on this world are of the best vintage available, and the farmers of the planet have learned how to blend different fruits to create remarkable drinks.


Accer Sub-Sector

Elba System

Elba system's planets are used as warehouses for the Imperium.  They are lightly inhabited, and as such anything stored on the planet is unlikely to be noticed by the average citizen.  But in recent years these warehouses have been discovered by pirates and Chaos cults, and fighting has broken out across the planet.  Due to the isolated nature of the warehouses, much of this fighting is unnoticed by the citizens of the system, but it is feared that soon the battles may escalate into a war for the entire system.


Morntis system is filled with toxic planets, and bare rocks that contain no atmosphere, thus it cannot be inhabited.  But this is not the reason the Imperium wants it.  The system is also filled with electrical phenomena, gas clouds, and various other spacial anomalies.  These combine to make the ultimate testing ground for the Imperial Navy and the equipment of the Imperial armies.  New weapons are testing in the system every year.  Thus far, there has only been one accident, when an experimental upgraded nova cannon's charge mixed with an electrical area of space to create an enormous explosion, with a shockwave that destroyed every ship within the nearest few thousand kilometers.


Irenis system contains a Terran-class planet that is perfect for inhabiting, and has indeed been inhabited by the Imperium.  Its location within the Novidian Nebula however has given the world's sky a purplish glow, and the whole world is covered in this glow.  Science stations have been set up within the system to monitor the effects of the nebula upon the people living in it.


Maitin Sub-Sector

Vintor System

The Vintor system contains two habitable worlds, each surrounding by numerous moons.  The planets themselves are rich worlds, and have a nice ecosystem, untarnished by the pollution of many other worlds.  But you only have to look into the sky to find the industrial center of the Vintor worlds.   On the moons, massive mines have been set up to drill into the dead rocks and retrieve their minerals.  This has kept the pollution off of the planet, and has made the system very rich.

Aris System

Aris system is a dying system, its inner worlds engulfed by the ever expanding red giant star.  Its only use to the Imperium is for its various gas giants, the only surviving planets of the system.  These planets are being mined feverishly for the last bits of hydrogen they may have left, before the Imperium is forced to abandon the system as its star collapses and goes supernova.

Aicor System

Aicor system is a system that is already dead, for all intents.  Its star has yet to even begin the process of expansion before finally dying in a cataclysmic nova, but the system contains only asteroid fields.   These asteroid fields are montitored by the Imperium's scientists to determine the reason that the asteroids never formed into planets, or how they came to be asteroid fields if they once were planets.

Linthor System

Linthor System is a busy system.  Its worlds are constantly used to smuggle things out of the Imperium and to hide pirate bases and unlawful transfers of goods.  The Linthor system is a good example of the lawlessness of Praesidius Sector, with numerous gangs roaming the streets and gang wars devastating entire towns.  The Adeptus Arbitrators are hard pressed to keep order within the system, but somehow they manage.


Vates Sub-Sector

Necros System

Necros System is a lone system found within the Andoris Nebula.  The only planet found in this system is a desert world, a world covered in tan sands with a breathable atmosphere.  This lone world, though, is uninhabited, due to the large number of Necrontyr pyramids and structures found upon its surface.  An Imperial fleet and army is stationed on permanent ready statis in Necros system, waiting for the day the Sleeping Ones awaken from their living tombs.


Corvis Sub-Sector

Trevas System

Trevas system is a merchant system that controls incoming and outgoing shipments of goods in Praesidius Sector.  The system is located by a safe Warp route to neighboring Sectors.  Pirates lurk within the asteroid fields of the system, but the Imperial Navy warships in the system keep them from preying upon the worlds of Trevas.

Khmer System

Khmer System is the only system where humans and aliens both inhabit worlds.  Before the Imperium got to the system, the Eldar had already set up a planet.  This planet, known as Khiannah Rashal to the Eldar, is said to be one of the original Maiden Worlds of the Eldar.  Whatever the reason, the Imperials have decided to take another inhabitable world within the system and leave the Eldar alone, at least for the time being.  But the Eldar find trust for the Imperium hard to give, and they keep a constant eye out for any signs of an Imperial attack upon their world.

Haltos System

Haltos system is the connector between the Corvis sub-sector and the Arx sub-secotr.  The system's inhabitable worlds act mainly as a relay between the two sub sectors, and also work to produce foodstuffs for Praesidius Secotr.  The Haltos system is a relatively peaceful system, as it is usually not bother by pirates or Chaos cults.

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