my name is clint to do this deck you need mercadian masques
it is my rebel deck, it acts like all other rebeldecks but commons
here are the cards
if you use it right it will bring out guys fast
if you do NOT get the ivory mask the deck will not be as good but still

if you want some of my other decks just email me
1 arrest
1 disenchant
3 thermal gliders
2 task force
4 steadfast guards
2 cho-manno's blessing
2 pious warrior
1 righteous indignation
1 crenellated wall
1 spiritual focus
3 ramosian sergeant
1 trap runner
2 nightwind glider
4 ramosian lieutenant
1 crackdown
1 afterlife
2 alabaster wall
1 cho-arrim legate
1 cho-manno revolutinary
1 ramosian captain
1 cho-arrim bruiser
1 crossbow infantry
4 fresh volunteers
1 moonli wake
1 story circle
1 ivory mask
2 ramosian commander
1 magistrate's seepter
2 muzzle
14 plains