Cheat Options

Here is how to unlock every one of Perfect Dark's arsenal of cheat options.  Good luck on some of the Perfect Agent ones...  Some of them are almost impossible!  And you thought Goldeneye's Invincibility cheat was hard!

The fun cheats are the easiest to get, you can get all but one of them my merely completing the game on Agent!  Most of them are useless, though, and arent even worth having.
Fun Cheats
Cheat Name Level Difficulty Time
DK Mode 3:1 Any Any
Small Jo 3:2 Any Any
Small Characters 4:1 Any Any
Team Heads Only 5:1 Any Any
Play as Elvis 4:3 Perfect Agent 7:00
Slow Mo Single Player 1:2 Any Any

Another set of cheats that is quite easy to get.  The most important cheat here, invincibility, is rather easy to get.  I'm sure that Rare has a reason for this that we do not understand.
Gameplay Cheats
Invincible 4:3 Agent 3:50
Cloaking Device 3:2 Agent :59
Queensbury Rules 1:1 Special Agent 1:30
Jo Shield 6:2 Any Any
Super Shield 7 Agent 1:12
Perfect Darkness 5:3 Any Any
Enemy Rockets 6:1 Any Any
Enemy Shields  7 Any Any

Most of these are easy to get.  If you can get the psychosis gun, you are an extreme Perfect Dark player.  If you just run straight through the level, without comkpleting any objectives, you will have trouble making that time.
Weapons for Jo in Solo
Rocket Launcher 1.3 Any Any
Sniper Rifle 2 Any Any
Super Dragon 4.3  Any Any
Laptop Gun 5.2  Any Any
Phoenix Any Any
Psychosis Gun 3.1  Perfect Agent 1:44
Trent’s Magnum 5.3  Agent 2:50
FarSight 6.2  Perfect Agent 5:13

Now these are the hard cheats.  Infinite ammo, all guns, you will have one tough time earning these, but you will love it once you get them!
Weapons Cheats
Classic Sight 1.1  Any Any
Unlimited Ammo – Laptop Gun 5.2  Perfect Agent 2:59
Hurricane Fists 1.3  Agent 2:03
Unlimited Ammo 6.1  Special Agent 5:50
Unlimited Ammo, No Reloads 5.1  Special 2:59
X-Ray Scanner 4.2  Any Any
R-Tracker/Weapon Cache Location Any Any
All Guns in Solo Perfect Agent 4:07

These cheats unlock buddies that you can use in the co-operative missions only.  They are pretty hard!  But having the alien with a RC-P120 is really fun...
Buddies Cheats
Velvet Dark Have at beginning - -
Pugilist 1.2  Special Agent 6:30
Hot Shot 4.1  Special Agent 5:00
Hit and Run Special Agent 2:30
Alien Special Agent 5:17