The Hidden City

You have all watched the introduction movie for the game- It has the drop ship flying through a city, then landing on the Datadyne buidling. Common knowledge. But what isn't commonly known is that with the moon jump Gameshark code, you can check out that city. And it's a site to be seen.

At first glance, the city is just a block long. But as you get further into it, you realize that it's really pretty big. Floating from one end to the other with the gameshark code takes quite a while. It's also very detailed. These are just a couple pictures of the extremely detailed buildings in this city. Apparantly a lot of time went into this, just for the introduction.

There are also Japanese characters everywhere. As well as a picture of this dude... Probably just one of the programmers who snuck his picture into the game. But why is there Japanese writing? Wasn't the game made in England? Was the datadyne building originally based in Japan or something?

Look Familiar?

I spend a little while finding spots from the cut scene in the hidden city. This removes all doubt of what this city is. The ones on the left are from the cut-scene, the ones on the right were taken while just floating around the city.

And a strange note about that last spot- There is a red platform in the middle of it that you can actually stand on. The rest of the city isn't solid. You can float right through it. But this one platform is solid, you you can stand on it and walk its length. This is very strange. Why one solid platform in the whole city?