Locked Doors in CI
Maybe this isn't such a huge mystery, but anyone who has taken a few minutes to wander around Carrington Institute has probably wondered-  What the heck is behind those doors?  There are several doors that are locked.  Strange, that the top agent can't even get around the building.  But, because I recently got a new Gameshark, I have found out just what is behind every locked door.
This is probably the first locked door you will come across.  It is the front door to the Carrington Institute.  But, If you have gotten to mission 7, Carrington INstitute: Defense, you know that this door leads to a balcony that overlooks the landing pads.
Now, also in that Carrington Institute mission, You will notice this door.  No matter which difficulty you are on, this door won't open up.  There is a good reason for that, also.  There is nothing behind it.  Nothing but sky, that is.
These are some bog doors in that big open room.  They are locked, but for no apparent reason.  All that's behind them is the landing pads.  It makes sense, land the ship then take it into the hangar.  But you wouldn't be able to find this out without a Gameshark.
i can't remember why I didn't et a picture of what is behind this door.  But, there is absolutely nothing back there.  Just sky.  You can fly around in it, but eventually you will fall into oblivion.