BazoukSSK Download

I was browsing my site at school, when I realized that a lot of the pages were displaying the font as a regular Times New Roman. I thought for a second, then it hit me. Those computers didn't have the font that I use installed on them! Then i had an epiphany. If the computers at my school couldn't display it, then any person who came to the page wouldn't be able to see it either! So instead of changing every single page, I decided to let you download the font yourself, since it is only around 30 kilobytes.


-Download the file, and unzip it into your c:/windows/fonts directory

-That is it. Once it is done, the title of this page should display in BazoukSSK. You will have to restart your browser to see it, and maybe your computer. So it will show up the next time you come back.

Download BazoukSSK