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No, this is not just another goldeneye quiz!  This is the 00 agent exam, to find out if you are a true 00 agent.  00 agents must be able to do extreme things.  Beating the computer is generally pretty easy.  But beating another real person is a whole different story. See if you qualify!  And of course, all the single player challenges are on 00 agent.  Tell me if you qualify, or send me new challenges.
Newest 00Agents:
Dennis Irizarry

Current 00Agents:
James Bund
Dario Estrabao
John Loose
Mike Martin
The Terrorist
Cletus (don't ask)
weird_dude983 (again, don't ask)

1.  Can you kill somebody TWICE in the Temple with only 6 Cougar Magnum bullets?  Three times?

2.  Can you win a THREE ON ONE MATCH?

3.  Can you last more than THREE minutes in the main bottling in the Facility with only 100 KF7 bullets after the alarm is set off?

4.  Can you KILL SOMEBODY through a door WITHOUT SEEING THEM in multi?

5.  Can you win a GAME TO 5 with only a PISTOL?

6.  If you drink half a can of beer every time you die, can you finish a game to 20?  *submitted By weird_dude983@hotmail.com*

7.  Beat Archives on Agent in less than 30 seconds *submitted by WSShwartz@aol.com*

8.  Beat the whole game in 20 minutes?  *submitted by WSShwartz@aol.com*

9.  Beat Jaws with only your slapper? *submitted by WSShwartz@aol.com*

10. This happened in a free for all in the facility, License to kill with pistols.  To get a sense of where the map is, the room on the bottom is the one with the computer that opens the door in single player mode.  The two red X's represent players, and the black X is The Terrorist.  (yes the same Terrorist from The Terrorist's Goldeneye Site)  The blue line was a bullet from the player on the bottom's Magnum.  It went through the glass, through the door, through the player, through the Terrorist, into the wall!  Two kills with one bullet!  Pretty cool, huh?  *submitted by The Terrorist*

11.  In the Temple, there are holes in the wall in the upstairs main room.  They go through to the rooms on the sides.  Using a grenade launcher, can you kill someone by shooting a grenade through one of these holes?

12.  In Bunker 2, 00Agent of course, can you let Natalya out of her cell in the begining and still finish the level without shooting her?

13.  In any multi player level, with turbo mode and walk thru doors on, can you memorize all the starting points so that as soon as a person regenerates, you already have them in your sights?

14.  In the archives, turn on Enemy Rockets and Fast Animation.  See how long you can last in the first room for over a minute.  troy boy12345 has 1:22.  How can long can you go? *submitted by TroyBoy12345@aol.com*

14.  In the Archives again, on 007 Mode, turn up enemy life to 100%, turn on Enemy Rockets and Fast Animation.  Just try to get out of the first room alive! *submitted by TroyBoy12345@aol.com*

15. Beat Archives on agent in 19 seconds or better.

16. Beat Archives on 00 in 1:00 or better.

17. Beat Caverns on 00 in less than 3:05.

18. Beat Surface 2 on agent in 0:55.

19. Beat Facility on 00 in 1:05 or better.

20. In multi play 3-1 with your health at -3 and everyone elses at 0 and win
with at least double the kills of the person that came in second.

21. Beat Egyptian in less than 0:55 (any difficulty).

22. Beat Runway on 00 in 0:40.

23. Beat Runway on agent in 0:24, (it's easy). *15-23 submitted by Mike Martin*

24.  In Egyptian, using the No Textures gameshark code, can you get the Golden Gun?  (no textures takes the lines off of the floor, so you can't follow the blocks)

25.  In Archives, using all guns, and taking a silenced weapon, can you complete the mission without being detected?  If not, can you get to the part where you rescue Natalya without being detected? 1

26.  In the cradle, can you knock Trevelyan off of the platform, using only your hand? *submitted by Dario Estrabao*

27. In Surface 2, turn on Fast Animation and try to finish the mission without letting the guards turn the alarms on.

28. In Control, try to defend Natalya when she is destroying the Goldeneye with only your pistol.

29. In Facility, on Agent, see how many kills you can get with only your PP7. Kill as many guards as possible, and don't blow up the tanks at the end, just keep killing the guards that come on.

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