Beta Weapons & Gadgets
This section is dedicated to the lost weapons and gadgets of Goldeneye 007.  What most people don't know is that there are about 20+ things that didn't make it into the final version of the game!  Over 20!  What would you do with a flare gun, a piton gun, polarized glasses, a door exploder, even heroine!  And some of the guns have had serious make over since the beta version.  Some you can easily tell, while others will have you going "what the hell!?"
Nothing really mind blowing in this picture, but there are some things to look at.  The PP7.  It is positioned farther back in this picture than it is in the final version of the game.  And that Janus Special Forces guy is really bloody.  And there isn't even one of those guys in Controll now.  And that blue door in the back is different. The door in this picture is actually 2-D.  Pretty lame.  That's why they changed it.
Nothing major here, just notice in these pictures the gun is pointing very far to the sides, which you can't do in the final version without turning.  But he is aiming at guys in both pics, so maybe there were originally no crosshairs?  Who knows.  And you can see the old name for the AR33, Commando M16/a.
The beta KF7 Soviet.  It appears almost everywhere in beta pictures, including the back of the box.  Pictures of this gun appear in every stage of the game's development.  Look at the top right pic.  No oom.  The bottom left pic is a good fake.  Thanks to Craig Stickland for telling me that.
A weapon that underwent serious changes, the rocket launcher.  From the top left pic, it looks like it has 3 rockets in the clip, a lot more than we are used to.  The name was different, too.  Military launcher.  Wouldn't "Bazooka" have sounded cooler?
This weird looking thing is the original taser.  These are the only pictures on the web of it being used in a level.  In the watch menu, it looks a lot bigger than the one in the final version.  It looks pretty cool.  I wonder why they changed it into the lame Taser Boy?  And the fog is a lot more realistic looking.  It was like that in Statue too.
Well, this is a interesting picture.  Sean Connery is on the watch menu.  Is this just a promotional picture, orwas he really on the menu?  But that's not all, the guns have their beta names!  But it's such a shame, that the list isn't scrolled down one more.  Spyder would be the enxt gunon the list!
Here is a lost beta item, the weapon case.  When you select this, and use it, you get a sniper rifle, some grenades, and some knives.  I think you had to sneak into some place with this, then you used all of the stealth weapons once inside that place.  Just a guess, though.
This is a completely working beta item!  You can toss them anywhere you want, as long as infinite ammo is on.  And they actually do something, also!  Set one in a level where there is an alarm, and if you walk in front of it, it sets the alarm off!  Where this was used is beyond me.
Don't these look cool?  Im pretty sure that Polarized means Magnetic.  But where would you need these?  Maybe Bond used them merely to shade his eyes from the sun?  Who knows?  Maybe they were used to  lead Bond to something magnetic.