Classic Bond Screenshots
Thanks to the 15 Days of 007 on TBS, I was able to get some screenshots from the classic bond movies!  Too bad I didn't know it was on until day 14 of 15!
 Bond's Aston Martin DB5   Baron Samedi Lives! 
 Baron's marijuana fields go BOOM   Baron Samedi meets a casket full of snakes! 
 Sean Connery getting breifed by M   Sean Connery about to get split in half 
 Sean Connery in the Q Labs   Tim Dalton in a parachute 
 Tim Dalton on a speeding truck   Bond parachutes out of the flaming truck! 
 Roger Moore using the watch magnet   The watch saw blade in action 
 Goldfinger, Oddjob, and Bond talking   Roger Mooreaabout to get chopped up 
 Roger Moore wrestles in a shark tank   Roger Moore fires his Magnum at Baron 
 Obbjob's shocking death   Whatever, you do, don't touch the red button... 
 Roger Moore with a Blackhawk Magnum   Sean Conner with a PPK 
 Sean Connery is a gray tux   Bond armes himself with Oddjob's steel hat 
 The lovely Solitaire   I didn't know trucks could fly! 
 Woops, i guess they can't...