Well, this section got a LOT bigger than I first thought it would!  I knew I had to organize it a little way back, so I put my HTML skills to the test and made a table!  Wow!  Cool!  Not really, but its a lot easier to find what you want now. **note**  I can't use the spell check on this page because every code comes up as an error!  So if you see a typo, please tell me.

Having some trouble with the codes?  Can't get something to work?  Just e-mail me for help.  I can usually respond the same day I get a message!
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Multi Player Level Select Menu Modifier Codes
Some more great codes that I made!  These change the pictures and text in the multi player level select menu.  Iit will look like you have Dam, Runway, Aztec, etc. in multi player! Enter as many pairs of these as you want.  It doesn't matter how many pairs, but if you don't put in a pair, it won't work.  *NOTE* The levels don't actually work, it's just the pictures.  This is just for fooling your friends and looking cool.
8002B07B 0003 8002B077 0079 

8002B0DB 0009 
8002B0D7 0096 

8002B0AB 000B 
8002B0A7 008A

8002B093  0005 
8002B08F 007B 

8002B13B 0006 
8002B137 0083

Weapon Renaming Codes:  My first codes!  They are really cool.  They change the names of all of the guns to their original Beta names, which are the real names of the guns!  They are a little lengthy, though, but worth it.  They change the text in the watch menu, when you are selecting a gun, and when you pick up a gun.  Now you can have an M16 in the silo, an PPK in the Dam.  Enjoy.

Weapon Renaming Codes in the Watch Menu
TT33 Tokorev 
802AE7DE 0054 
802AE7DF 0054 
802AE7E0 0033 
802AE7E1 0033 
802AE7E2 0020 
802AE7E3 0054 
802AE7E5 006B 
(yes it is supposed 
to skip 7E4) 
802AE7E6 006F 
802AE7E7 0072 
802AE7E8 0065 
802AE7E9 0076 
802AE7EA 002E 
802AE7EB 000A 
802AE7EC 0000 

PPK (silenced too) 
802AE7C4 004B 
802AE&D5 004B 

802AE7F2 0053 
802AE7F3 0070 
802AE7F4 0079 
802AE7F5 0064 
802AE7F6 0065 
802AE7F7 0072 
802AE7F8 002E 
802AE7F9 000A 

802AE80E 0055 
802AE80F 005A 
802AE801 0049 
802AE802 002E 
802AE803 000A 
802AE804 0000 
802AE805 0000 
802AE806 0000 
802AE807 0000 
802AE808 0000 

802AE7FE 0041 
802AE7FF 004B 
802AE800 0034 
802AE801 0037 
802AE802 002E 
802AE803 000A 
802AE804 0000 
802AE805 0000 
802AE806 0000 
802AE807 0000 
802AE808 0000 
 802AE853 004D 
 802AE854 0031 
 802AE855 0036 
 802AE856 0061

802AE81E 004D 
802AE81F 0050 
802AE820 0035 
802AE821 004B 
802AE822 002E 
802AE823 000A 
802AE824 0000 
802AE825 0000 
802AE826 0000 
802AE827 0000 
802AE828 0000 
802AE829 0000 
802AE82A 0000 

802AE846 0053 
802AE847 0070 
802AE848 0065 
802AE849 0063 
  (skip 84A) 
802AE84B 0072 
802AE84C 0065 

Weapon Pickup Rename Codes (ex:  Picked up a Spyder)
DD44 to TT33 
802ACB48 0054 
802ACB49 0054 
802ACB4A 0033 
802ACB4B 0033 

Klobb to Spyder 
802ACD90  0073 
802ACD91  0070 
802ACD92  0079 
802ACD93 0064 
802ACD94 0065 
802ACD95 0072 
802ACD96 000A 

KF7 to AK47 
802ACC38 0061 
802ACC39 006B 
802ACC3A 0034 
802ACC3B 0037 
802ACC3C 0000 
802ACC3D 0000 
802ACC3E 0000 
802ACC3F 0000 
802ACC40 0000 
802ACC41 0000

802ACE88 0075 
802ACE89 007A 
802ACE8A 0062 

D5K to MP5K 
802ACB18 006D 
802ACB19 0070 
802ACB1A 0035 
802ACB1B 006B 
802ACB1C 000A 

Silenced D5K to MP5K 
802ACB08 006D 
802ACB09 0070 
802ACB0A 0035 
802ACB0B 006B 
802ACB0C 0020 
802ACB0D 0028 
802ACB0E 0072 
802ACB0F 0069 
802ACB10 006C 
802ACB11 0065 
802ACB12 006E 
802ACB13 0063 
802ACB14 0065 
802ACB15 0029 
802ACB16 000A

Phantom to Spectre 
802ACC9D 0073 
802ACC9E 0070 
802ACC9F 0065 
802ACCA1 0063 
802ACCA2 0074 
802ACCA3 0072 
802ACCA4 0065 

AR33 to M16a 
802ACA35 006D 
802ACA36 0031 
802ACA37 0036 
802ACA38 0061 

RC-P90 to P90 
802ACD04 0070 
802ACD05 0039 
802ACD06 0030 
802ACD07 000A 
802ACD07 0000 
802ACD09 0000

No Clipping Codes:  These codes are REALLY cool.  you don't have to press L+R, or hit the button, you just walk up to a wall, and go right through it!  They are so cool!  A guy named Quantum Rift made them.

Walk thru some walls in the Facility.  Face the wall, run at hit, and hold down B.  Try running off the ledge right after you get out of the bathroom! 
D0064F30 0040
81040F5A 196C
D0064F30 0000
81040F5A 18EC

Walk through Facility Vents!  Another great code by Quantum Rift.  When you go in the facility, instead of turning right in the vents, keep going straight!  Then go right at the end.  You can now walk through the vents! 
801B3F87 000E
801B3F94 00FF

This code is kind of a no clipping, but its the old kind.  But you can get to the island in the Dam with it.  Go to the Dam, go out onto the docks, and hold down Left and Right at the same time.  Then, just run out to the island.  The code is made by Code Master.
D0064F31 0030
800D33ED 0050
880D33ED 0000

Miscelaneous Codes:  There's a WHOLE LOT of these, codes that are really cool, but don't fit into any certain catagory!  Try these out, you won't regret it!

No textures-everything is a flat color.  Very interesting.  It also lets the game run faster, so your guns will shoot faster, and you can select them faster.  It helps a lot in multi player, when you have 3 or 4 players.
800210AF FFFF

Levels don't end!  Use this to get to the bottom of the dam!  also explore train car in depot, lots of other stuff too

Master Cheat Menu!  hit C+up and C+down at the same time to access tons of crap!  Use the D-pad to select stuff.  In the bottom of the second column, there is, going up from the bottom, max ammo, all guns, colisions(walk thru doors, even locked ones in multi!,) invisible, and invincible.  PressA to activate the selected code,and  to close the menu, select a code that does nothing(most of them) and hit start.  It also works in multi player!
81036F6C  0000
81036F6E  0002
D0064F31 000C
80024303  0001

No music.  Helps you focus in the game.
80024337 0014

Different music.  Pretty cool, especially if you are sick of the original music after 3 years!
8001BE1B 00FF

No Gravity.  Grenade launchers will fire in a straight line, mines will go straight, try it with timed mines! very gool.  Rockets won't dip down when you fire them either.  Lastly, when you shoot something, like armor or ammo, it floats into the air forever.
80052AA4 0030

Giant Mode.  Look out for guns the size of fallen trees, and grenades the size of 4-door sedans.
80357416 FFFF

Fat Bond  This code is funny!  You will almost always get stuck when you try to get thru a door.
803121AE 000C

Darker Levels.  Does this one need an explanation?  It's worth checking out though.
80021399 9999

Retarded Enemies.  With this code, the enemies twitch and stuff.  Watch them when they move around!  It's hilarious.
80069180 00FF 
80069183 00FF

All of the objectives are done.  Pretty cool if you want to see the ending sequence of a level, but don't want to play it.  Also, if you just suck and cant get the cheats. :)
80036FD3 0001

Decapitated Guards!  It works for all levels.  Also, if you know anything about Gameshark codes, please explain to me why this code only works if you have 4 F's at the end, even though the code is 8-bit.
80357435 FFFF

Bad aiming enemies.  They shoot the walls!  It works on all levels.  Pretty funny, and useful too. 
80052AA4 0030

Sideways guns.  It is hard to explain which sideways it means, so here are some pics.  They  are from the well-known Terrorist's Goldeneye Site.  The codes are from 007 HQ.



Runway, Surface 1, Depot  

Bunker 1, Bunker 2, Silo  

800C70CC CCCC  

Surface 2  
800E64CC CCCC  


Archives, Caverns, Cradle, Egyptian  

800D74CC CCCC  

Train, Jungle Control  


Big guns.  The guns are, well, big!  With some, like the Phantom and the ZMG, you can actually look thru the sights on the gun!  It's really cool.  I'd get some pics if I could find any.
81053E04  3E80

All of the guards attack you!  It works for all levels.  So when you start the Facility, all the guards in the level come at you, even the ones from the end.  Then you can go trigger happy!  Hehe DIE!  sorry.
803553AE  000C

Start off with an AR33 in the Silo.  This is what you were given in the Beta version!  Just omething new to try out.  You will have a PP7, but when you switch weapons, it will be an AR33.  I reccomend that you kill the first guard with the PP7 so you have some bullets!  If you change the last D, you can change what you start out with!  This code was made by SubDrag.  There's a link to his cool Beta page in my links section
801E5407 000D

Make the plane on the Runway take off on command!  Hit L, and it takes off!  But that's not all!  It is really an objective B completer.  Hit L in most levels, and objective B will be completed!  By SubDrag.  Look in the links section for a link to his site.

All of the drone guns in the Jungle are inactive!  Walk right up to them, nothing!  I can get these for all the levels, just ask.  They are by SubDrag, too, link to his site in links section.

Beta items in the runway.  Kill the first guard to your right when you start out, and he will give you a beta item!  Very cool, and some of them you can even see the pictures in the watch menu!  The code os from Boris's BetaGold site.  Link to his great site is in my links section. 
801D9258 00XX
23: Piton gun.  what you were originally suppossed to use to get to the bottom of the dam.
30: Micro camera.  You can use it!  Set up cameras everywhere, with infinite ammo, of course.  Maybe Bond originally had to set up surveilance....
3A: Watch geiger counter.  What did bond have to find that was radioactive?
4B: Micro film.  Different from the camera.  This is like a covert camera, that Bond could hide until he needed it.
50: Heroine.  What the HELL?  I guess MI6 doesn't administer enough drug tests...

Improved guns.  This is from Boris's site too, a great code!  It gives you infinite ammo, and really rapid fire!  Use it with the no textures code found above, and see how fast the guns can really go!  A PP7 firing as fast as a RC-P90!  It can happen with this code!  Minor note, make sure that both of the XXXs are the same, so for the Dam, put D37 for both of them.
D9B=Runway, Surface 1, Depot  
B43=Bunker 1 and 2, Silo  
E63=Surface 2
CD3=Archives, Caverns, Cradle, Egyption.  
C0B=Train, Jungle, Control  
Summon the tank in the Runway.  Now you can get onto the tank from ANYWHERE in the runway!  Just hit the L button.
8003644B 0001
8103644C 8006
8103644E A4F4
81036450 8006
81036452 A4F4

No intros.  This code takes away all of the intros before the game, so you turn it on, and you are at the folders!  It is made by SHiner. 
8102A933 0000
8102A93B 0000
8102A92F 0000
8102A92E 0000

Different weapons in the Dam.  You need a Gameshark version 3.0 or above for this code to work!  What it does is it makes each guard have the next weapon.  So one guy has a pp7, one guy has a DD44, one has a Klobb, and so on.  A cool code.
50002388 0000
801DFE58 0004

Radioactive Bond.  This code makes the fog reversed, so the closer you get to something, the foggier it gets.  So it looks like Bond is glowing green!  By The Phantom.
80044DD2 0001

Blood!  This makes the flash when you shoot a guy red!  It looks like he is bleeding!  It works in all levels, and in multi player.  All of the blood codes are by Wreck7.
If you have a Gameshark version 3.0 or above, use this code:   
50000F2C 0000   
8002C947 0002   
50000F2C 0000   
8102C94C 4248   
50000F2C 0000   
8102C958 42C8
If your Gameshark is version 2.2 or below, use this code:   
8002CA7B 0002   
8002CBAF 0002   
8002CB57 0002   
8002CAFF 0002   
8002C9F7 0002   
8002C99F 0002   
8002C9C8 0002
Enemies don't dissapear in the Facility.  You need to have a Gameshark version 3.0 or above for this code.  Turn the code off when you are starting the level, and back on once you are in the level.  Once the guy dies, you can shoot him again, and he will get up and die again!  Very entertaining.  By JVC.
500062EE 0000
801D9277 0038

Different Streets.  This takes the Streets level, and totally changes around the layout.  So, its basically a completely new level.  By The Phantom.
8103B12A 9DF0
8103B12E 6D48
8103B136 9E50
8103B13A 6D84
8103B142 9E30
8103B146 6D70
8103B14E 9E10
8103B152 6D5C
8103B15A 9DD0
8103B15E 6D34

Alarm sound modifier.  Make the alarm always off or on.  The code was made by Quantum Rift.
80030AC3 0001
80030AC3 0000

No bullet holes.  Serves no real purpose, just something nifty to try out.
80040809 0001

Weapon Modifyers.  These are made by Viper666.
Trevelyan Gun Mod (Facility) 801D2174 00XX
Ourmurov Gun Mod (Silo) 801CD578 00XX
Trevelyan Gun Mod (Cradle) 801D8458 00XX
Natalya Gun Modifier (Jungle) 801B0B58 00XX
Really big recoil.  The guns come up a lot more when you shoot them.  Try the Magnum!  It only works in the Facility, though.
800B6C61 - FFFF

Small Enemies.  They are the size of a G.I. Joe!  made by davidder99@cs.com.
80051D19 0001

Jumping Enemies.  Another hilarious code.  Try using them both together.  made by davidder99@cs.com.
80051D91 0009

Headless guards.  No explanation required. made by davidder99@cs.com
8006966E  FFFF

Infinite ammo.  I know, you are saying "no big deal," but this 2 line codes gives you infinite ammo in your clip, so you never have to reload, for every gun, every level, for every player in multi!  You need a gameshark 3.0 or above to use it though.  Made by viper187.
50001E70 0000
80032603 0000

Shoot thru objects.  It's similar to the last code.  Every gun, every  level, etc.  But it lets you shoot through objects like a cougar magnum does.  Again, 3.0 or above required.  Also made by viper187.
50001E70 0000
80032608 00FF

on: 80044DD7 0001
off: 80044DD7 0000

Sky color:
80044DD4 00FF  
80044DD5 0000  
80044DD6 0000  
80044DD4 0000  
80044DD5 00FF  
80044DD6 0000  
80044DD4 00FF  
80044DD5 00FF  
80044DD6 00FF
80044DD4 0000  
80044DD5 0000  
80044DD6 0000

Ammo Attribute Codes: These codes can change the clip sizes of guns, and change how much of each type of ammo you can carry.  You can carry 800 rockets, and fire them all without reloading!  You can do it with any weapon.  You can make a 100 bullet PP7.  You can make a double-barrel shotgun.  Oooohh... that wascally wussian!  heh heh...  (Elmer Fudd there folks)  So you can do anything you want.  You can even give the Klobb a bigger clip and make it a good gun!  Every code in this section is made by Viper187, aka Viper666.

Gun Clip Size Modifier (how many bullets the gun holds before it needs to reload) For the XXXX, just put the number of bullets that you want.  But remember, it is in hexidecimal, so A = 10, B = 11, and so on.  e-mail me if you need any help on this.  These codes work for all levels, and multi player, also.
Throwing Knives  
PP7 (silenced)  
D5K (silenced)  
RCP 90  
81032604 XXXX  
81032674 XXXX  
810326E4 XXXX  
81032754 XXXX  
810327C4 XXXX  
81032834 XXXX  
810328A4 XXXX  
81032914 XXXX  
81032984 XXXX  
810329F4 XXXX  
81032A64 XXXX  
81032AD4 XXXX  
81032B44 XXXX
Auto Shotgun  
Sniper Rifle  
Golden Gun  
Silver PP7  
Gold PP7  
Grenade Launcher  
Rocket Launcher  
Timed Mines  
Proximity Mines  
Remote Mines  
81032BB4 XXXX  
81032C24 XXXX  
81032C94 XXXX  
81032D04 XXXX  
81032D74 XXXX  
81032DE4 XXXX  
81032F34 XXXX  
81032FA4 XXXX  
81032014 XXXX  
81032084 XXXX  
810320F4 XXXX  
81032164 XXXX  
810322B4 XXXX
Maximum Ammunition Modifyers (how many bullets you can carry)  The nomal amounts are 800 9mm bullets, 400 big bullets, 100 golden, magnum, and shotgun shells.  Now, you can change these to whatever you wish.  Again, all levels, and values are in hexidecimal.
9MM Bullets  
Rifle Bullets  
Shotgun Shells  
Magnum Bullets  
Golden Bullets  
Grenades (launcher)  
Tank Shells
81035EFE XXXX  
81035F16 XXXX  
81035F22 XXXX  
81035F82 XXXX  
81035F8E XXXX  
81035F76 XXXX  
81035F3A XXXX  
81036042 XXXX

New Guns:  Yes, you read correctly.  Some people have seen new guns codes, where you just change what the gun looks like, and call it a new gun.  But these codes take existing guns, and actually change them!  So you get new guns, with new sound effects, clip sizes, ranges, accuracy, everything!  Oh yeah, all of these codes work for ALL LEVELS, and for ALL PLAYERS in multi! And every single one of these codes is made by me.  So if you want to use them, let me know first.

M-1 Rifle-select the Sniper Rifle
This gun as as much power as a Golden Gun, can shoot through things like a Cougar Magnum can, has a sniper scope, a BETA SOUND EFFECT, and a 10 round clip.  It is semi-automatic, so when you pull the trigger, one bullet comes out, it doesn't keep firing.  One bullet is all you need with this thing.  So in the facility, you can blast a whole row of tanks with 1 bullet.  Very powerful.  One shot kills in multi player.  There are also text changing codes!  So it says US M-1 Rifle in the menu, and it also says "Pcked up a US M-1 Rifle!"  I made this code!  Oh yeah.  the text codes are optional.  You don't have to enter them.  But it's just a lot cooler to pick up a US M-1 Rifle than a Sniper Rifle.
Changes gun  Gun pick-up text Watch menu text
80032C28 00FF   
80032C25 000A   
80032C2B 0073   
80032C27 00FF   80032C30 0042 
802ACD68 0055  
802ACD69 0053  
802ACD6A 0020  
802ACD6B 004D  
802ACD6C 002D  
802ACD6D 0031
802AE89A 0055  
802AE89B 0053  
802AE89C 0020  
802AE89D 004D  
802AE89E 002D  
802AE89F 0031
STINGER-select the DD44 Destovei
This is a silenced DD44, automatic, with a 35 round clip.  It shoots through doors, and does as much damage as a Cougar Magnum.  I also made text modifier codes, to complete the code.
Changes gun Gun pick-up text Watch menu text
80032755 0023  
81032778 0000  
8003275B 002E  
80032788 0000
812AE7DF 0053  
812AE7E2 5449  
812AE7E4 4E47  
812AE7E6 4552  
812AE7E8 0A00
812ACB48 5354  
812ACB4A 494E  
812ACB4C 4745  
812ACB4E 520A  
812ACB50 0000
Gold RC-P90- select the RC-P90 (duh) If the Gold PP7 isn't enough for you, get a load of this thing.   The Golden RC-P90.  This one really doesn't really need an explanation.  But be careful, you can only carry 100 golden bullets, and this gun holds 80 in a clip!  Short code, too.
80032AD3 000D
80032AE0 0042

Super Shotgun-select the Automatic Shotgun.  Another short code.  This gun has a huge spread, and huge damage.  So you can just walk through, and blow everything up with a few shots.  Try this in the first few rooms in the Train!
80032BC0 005F
80032BC4 0042

Assault Phaser-select the Moonraker Laser.  This is just the Moonraker with a really high firing rate.  There wasn't anything else I needed to change, it already does heavy damage, shoots through doors, and has infinite ammo!
80032E79 00F0

Demolisher-select the Phantom.  Low accuracy, but high power.  Shoots thru guys, 70 bullet clip, and has a Beta sound effect!  This is useful if there are a lot of guys at close range, you can take them out with a few shots from the 70 round clip.
80032A20 0000
80032A18 0000
80032A1C 0000
800329FB 006C
800329F5 0046
80032A00 0042

Devastator-This code will make Goldeneye a little "darker."  Perfectly darker.  This gun is  just like the devastator from Perfect Dark.  Select the Grenade Launcher.
80032F35 0014
80032F37 0000
80032F3B 006C
80035F77 0028

DD44-LX.  This is a DD44 Destovei with a secondary function-just like in Perfect Dark.  Press D-down, and you will get an automatic secondary mode.  D-left returns the gun to normal fire.  Its a hard code to tackle, though, being over 30 lines long.  But it's worth it, its a great gun.
80032741 0036  
D0064F30 0002  
80032757 0010  
D0064F30 0002  
80032781 0020  
D0064F30 0002  
8003277C 0040  
D0064F30 0002  
80032758 0001  
D0064F30 0002  
81032778 0408  
D0064F30 0002  
8103277A 0300  
D0064F30 0002  
80032760 003F
D0064F30 0004  
80032757 0000  
D0064F30 0004  
80032781 00F0  
D0064F30 0004  
8003277C 0041  
D0064F30 0004  
8003277D 0050  
D0064F30 0004  
80032758 00FF  
D0064F30 0004  
81032778 0810  
D0064F30 0004  
8103277A 00FF  
D0064F30 0004  
80032760 0042
The following guns were made by me for "Rigney's Hella Cool Site."

Facility Gun-  It is a ZMG meant for very close range fighting.  It has a slower firing rate, so you don't waste bullets on guys once they are dead, but haven't hit the ground yet.
800328A5 0032
800328AB 0077
800328C9 000C
800328A8 00FF
800328A3 0003

Olga Gun-  A D5K shotgun.  Simple, but interesting.
80032985 0080
8003298B 0073
80032983 0004
800329AB 0000

Olga Gun mkII-  It changes the regular shotgun into a machine gun that fires 5 bullets at a time.  It uses the 7.62 mm ammo that the KF7 and AR33 use, so finding ammo for it own't be hard.
80032B45 0045
80032B47 0000
80032B68 0002
80032B69 0000
80032B6A 0000
80032B48 00FF
80032B43 0003

Super Tazer-  It takes the tazer, and makes it, well, super.  Hence the name.  You can zap the guys in a single shot, plus it is rapid firing, with a constant shock sound.
80033250 0042
80033248 00FF
80033243 0001
80033245 000A
8003324B 005B

Golden Luger-  Since the golden gun looks a little like a German Luger, why not do it all the way?  10 round clip, normal pistol damage.
80032D05 000A
81032D10 3F80
80032D0B 006E
80032D03 0001

Thunder Gun-  Uses an AWESOME gun shot that sounds a little like thunder.  It is very accurate, and plus, it changes the Klobb, so you can get rid of that piece of crap.
800327C5 0028
800327D4 0038
800327CB 00AE
800327D6 0042

Noisy Crickit-  Ever seen Men In Black?  Well, this one won't throw yo back 20 feet into a pile of trash, like it did to Will Smith, but it will improve the PP7 and ahve you blasting those guys away in no time.
800326E5 0003
800326D0 00C1
800326D1 00A6
800326EB 00B1
8003270C 0041
80032714 0042
80032715 006F

New Multi Player Levels:  Yes, NEW levels to play against your friends.  5 new ones, to be exact.  But 3 of them are a little glitchy.  No weapons in them!  But you can use the master cheat menu code to get guns.  Two of the levels are completely done, just like normal levels.  YOU CAN NOW PLAY DAM!  Thanks to RSB, a Gameshark hacking genious.  Now, train and Frigate are playable also.

Here they are:  Regeneratin is a little farther below.  Have patience, the codes are worth it.  For the Dam and Frigate, hold down the GameShark button when you are starting the level.
Dam in multi: Train in multi: Frigate in multi:
800364CB 0000   
8102A8F2 0001   
8032332A 0001   
89069C40 4648   
89069C44 C3F1   
89069C48 44E7   
89069C4C 801C   
89069C4E 8A08   
89069C74 4648   
89069C78 C3F1   
89069C7C 44E7   
89069C80 801C   
89069C82 8A08   
81040000 C5A2  
81040004 43A6  
81040008 C3AB  
81040028 801B  
8104002A 3FC4
89069C74 434E  
89069C78 4470  
89069C7C C541  
89069C80 801D  
89069C82 A544  
Make sure to use this code with the above codes to get the levels to work correctly.
800364CB 0000
8102A8F2 0001
8032332A 0001

Statue and Cradle in Multi-Enter these and go to the multi player select screen!  Now you can play Streets as well with these codes!  But make sure you enter the code you would normally use to play in the Streets, found right below.  The streets code was made by me, Razor!
Antenna Cradle:   
8102B11D  0092   
8102B11F  0093   
8002B127  0029   
8102B123  0008
8002B0BF 0089    
8002B0C7 001D    
8002B0BD 0089   
8002B0C3 0010
Statue Park  
8102B17D  0085  
8102B17F  0086  
8002B187  0016  
8102B183  0007 
Silo, Aztec, and Streets in multi player.  Although glitchy, they are new levels!  Enter the codes, go to the multi player setup screen, exit, and select the level through the single player screen.  You can only play once, then you have to restart the nintendo.
800364CB 0000
8102A8F2 0001
8032332A 0001
4 Player multi player matches.  These will also work with Statue park.  I reccomend that you use no textures to make the game a reasonable speed.
Bunker:                 8002B537  0008
Archives:               8002B537  0009
Caverns:                8002B537  000A
Egyptian (statue) :  8002B537  000B

Regenerating in the new levels:  This is really a sub-section of the new levels sectionl.  These are breakthrough new codes, made by RSB, that allow you to come back after you die in Silo, Aztec, and Streets. Regeneration in Dam is now available, made by RSB of course.  You can regenerate in Train and Frigate now, too.
Regenerate in Silo Regenerate in Streets Regenerate in Aztec
81079C28 801D  
81079C2A B400  
811DB400 42B9  
811DB404 42FE  
811DB408 43B9  
811DB428 801B  
811DB42A 7354
81079C28 801D  
81079C2A B400  
811DB400 4437  
811DB404 4299  
811DB408 446E  
811DB428 801B  
811DB42A F980
81079C28 801D  
81079C2A B400  
811DB400 C1A5  
811DB404 438A  
811DB408 C340  
811DB428 801C  
811DB42A E4C4
Regenerate in Dam Regenerate in Train Regenerate in Frigate
81079C28 8004   
81079C2C 0000   
80079C6B 0001   
81040000 4648   
81040004 C3F1   
81040008 44E7   
81040028 801C   
8104002A 8A08
81069C74 C5A2  
81069C78 43A6  
81069C7C C3AB  
81069C80 801B  
81069C82 3FC4  
81079C28 8004  
81079C2A 0000  
80079C6B 0001  
81069C74 C5A2   
81069C78 43A6   
81069C7C C3AB   
81069C80 801B   
81069C82 3FC4   
81079C28 8004   
81079C2A 0000    
80079C6B 0001 

Cheating Against Your Opponents:  I plan on making soem more of these very soon, don't worry.

Refill your life  Hit a button, full life!  It only works for the Temple though.  Press down on the directional pad (the flat gray one not the stick)
D0064F30  0004
810A743C  3F80
D0064F30  0004
810A7440  3F80

Changing and Moving the Guns:  These are quite amusing.  You can change the gun, so your friend thinks he is getting a RC-P90, and he ends up with a PP7!  You can also put weapons in the un-used parts of the facility, archives, and caverns.

Put guns in new parts of Facility:
1 gun and 2 ammo boxes in main bottling room
801EA73F 0075
801EA7F3 0073
801EA6B7 0074

1 gun and 1 box of ammo in the smaller bottling room with a platform in each corner:
801EAA97 0018
801EAB1F 00F6
RSB made these, I just figured out how to put the ammo with the guns. 1    1