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Alright, here is a totally new section. I take pictures from obscure, out of the way locations in each level, and you try and guess just where they were taken from! I dont think the ones here now are too hard, so if you know one that would be real hard, please go ahead and tell me. Now, to make them a little more difficult, i messed around with the hue of each picture, so it wouldn't be so easy.... And if you can't get it, just highlight the text in the little boxes beneath it, the answer is in there.


Dam, in the room with the Russian Comandant.


Facility, in the locker room.

Dam, in one of the towers, looking up the steps.

Silo, in the control room at the end.

Streets, next to where you meet Zukovsky.

Control, in one of those hallway things.

Silo, by the computer room at the end, looking back.


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