Gameshark Codes

I was reluctant to put this section up, because there aren't a whole lot of codes out for The World Is Not Enough yet. I strive to bring unique things to the viewers of this site, stuff you won't see anywhere else. And the only Gameshark codes in existance for this game right now are pretty standard, and they can be found anywhere, so i didn't think i needed to put them up here. But it seems like a lot of people want this, so I will put it up.

First things first- you need a Gameshark version 3.0 or higher to play this game. 2.2 and lower versions can't support the type of code that TWINE needs to run. Don't have a 3.0 or better? Then i'm afraid you are out of luck. Please do not ask me if there is a way to play TWINE with codes on with a 2.2 or lower, there isn't. No way at all.

Enable code- you must have this code on for the game to start up, requires Gameshark 3.0 or higher.

F10A9240 2400
F10A6804 1000

Enable all levels:
81102EE6 0021

Enable multi player levels/skins/modes: (hacked by Goldenboy)
81112F68 0101

Invincibility, all levels: (hacked by Goldenboy)
81112F68 0101