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10-9-99: 300 surfers today!

10-2-99: 200 surfers today!

Last Updated: 10-11-99

There is a new Feature! It's a Pokemon Site! In it I will put My stuf, (Badges, adopted pokemon, and more.) and info, a walk-thru, codes, pokemon Links, and more! It is now down at the Site Map, at the bottom. Or, to get to it, you could Click Here! And the Links Page is working! You can add your site your self, too! Go for it!

Last Updated: 10-6-99

I started a new game today! It's called Pokemon: A Quest for Glory. You can find more info about it in the Upcoming Games section. Why am I mostly coming up with Pokemon Games? Well, I like the Game, I have alot of graphics of the game, and thats the only thing that I can think of. Got any Ideas for games? You could either E-Mail them to us, or put it on the Message Board. Suggestions would be appreachited.

Last updated: 10-3-99

Some new stuff! First, I adopted a Pokemon! He's a cute little Charmander named Arsonist! I adopted it from Pokemon Express! You can vist him by scrolling down the page. I am working on getting the Pokemon Virtual Pet Package Demo up. May be a while...I am getting a lot of homework all of a sudden. Like I said in the message board, Sonic the Pac-Hog is on hold. And, lets see...There's not much else.

Last Updated:9-28-99

We are now in the Freeware Top 40! Click on the picture in the Vote for my site section to vote for it. We are now #9 in the top 40 homebrew sits and we are stationed at the #2 place in the Top 25 No Bull Sh*t! Homebrewed sites. Keep Voting! And...A new Feature to the site! A search Engine! You can either search the site OR the web, Directly form this site! Check it out!

Last Updated: 9-26-99

Hi again! I really didn't do anything this weekend. I was out of town. Well, I submitted The Pokemon Breakout demo to They said that it would be up in about a week. You can search for it by typing Gold-Star, or Pokemon, or stuff like that!

Last Updated:9-23-99

Well, alot today! First of all, WE ARE # 1 ON THE TOP 25 NBS HOMEBREWED GAME SITES AND # 3 ON THE TOP 40 HOMEBREW SITES! IT is an honor to have beaten NBS software on their own top sites list (the top 25 nbs homebrewed gamesites)! Thank you all voters, and keep voting! We now Have a game in the games section! It is a demo of Pokemon Breakout! And, we now have a libs section (Graphics for the klik programs. For all of the People who aren't fermilair with the klik tradition)! We put up our libs that we make. THEY ARE ALL ORGINAL! A MUST HAVE! We put in our Sonic the Hedgehog Libs, Final Fantasy Libs, and our Pokemon Libs. The Pokemon libs has over 100 original libs!(Phew!) Well, thats about all for today!

Last Updated: 9-22-99

A BIG Thanks to all the surfers! We are currently # 2 on the top 25 NBS homebrewed game sites! All Because of you! THANK YOU! But # 1 is better! So keep voting! Demo of Pokemon Breakout and Pokemon Battles Screen Saver Coming! So, Keep Cheking back!

Last Updated: 9-21-99

Well, not much today! We are now entered in the Top 40 Homebrew Sites. And we had our glory, but now it's gone! We were Number 1 on the Top 25 NBS Homebrewed game sites. But now we're Number 6(last)! So Please Vote! And yesterday I made a bannar! Tell me how I did! Please! Speak up! Ya don't like it? Well, it's okay. And, if you want more news than this, join the mailing list. You'll get news when ever this site updated, when a game is finished, started, or put on hold! And even more! So, What are you waiting for? If you haven't already, Join it!

Last Updated: 9-20-99

Hello again! We moved! We are now at geocities, rather than angelfire! Reason? More space. And, We Now have some new stuff! First of all, we have a guest book! And we are Now in the top 25 No Bull Sh*t! Home Brewed Game Sites! Vote for us! And the Games will have to be on hold for a while. Why, you ask? Well I just made the school Jazz Band! So I might have to Practice more than Making games. I keep ya posted on that later.

Last Updated: 9-19-99

Well, we added some new Sections of the Site. Theres the Upcoming Games section, the Hints Section, and the Screen Saver Section thats has a Sonic the Hedgehog Screen Saver!

This is the Main site of Gold-Star Productions! We specilize in Making Homebrew games with The Games Factory, Klik n play, and click & create. For now, the only part of the site that you can visit is the message board.

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