The Boneyard

You are the person, robot, or thing to find The Boneyard. Scarry isn't it.
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Ha Ha Ha, No more Warp Station!!!!!

Were in the process of moving. Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Skull Man. You may of heard of me, STAR of Mega Man 4. What's that? Why am I hear and Not Warp Station. Well I bet Warp Station that He couldent stick out his toung and touch his nose with it. I won because his mouth gard got in the way.^_^. So I won The Warp Station, and I am taking compleat control of it. I am moving it to my place in Dr. Cossack's Lab. You can visit me and the rest of the MM4 gang at Megaman 4: Cossack's Creations.

Mega Man and all other related characters are trademarks of . Every thing here is property of the original owner. Every thing that is mine is property of Skull Man. If you take my property, I will be forced to pound you. You woudn't like that now would you. On the other hand, if you would like to get pounded please send a credit card number, check or cash (cash would be prefered) to The Boneyard. If anything "happens" to it on the way here, I can't be held resoncible. So if you still want a pounding, just ask Groovy Kat.

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