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Hey all and welcome back! Thanks for coming and I realy want to thank returning people. I haven't updates this site much....I know. But I plan to update it as much as possible now. We now have POKEMON YELLOW 100% ENGLISH. OH YA. Anyways its a great game and its better than ever with animations and new pictures of pokemon as well as new pokemon. Email me for comments. Please Sign up for the money making programs. They really do send you money. Its free and best of all, you get paid for what you are doing right now....surfing the web. Thanks a lot and have fun.

11/2/99- Updated website. Pokemon up. Many sections still down.

11/12/99Finally been back again. Many sections still done. Please sign up for money making programs

11/12/99- Attempting to get a sponsor

11/13/99 - Still trying to get a sponsor. Updated pokemon page.

11/25/99- Happy Thanksgiving.....Got a sponsor!!!













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