Item List

Poke Ball This ball will capture Pokemon weakened in battle.
        Great Ball This ball has a better chance of capturing Pokemon weakened in battle.
           Ultra Ball This ball will capture even stronger Pokemon than the Great Ball.
                    Safari Ball You need this to capture Safari Zone Pokemon.
                      Master Ball This ball will capture any Wild Pokemon.
                                     Antidote Cures poison
                                    Burn Heal Soothes Burns
                                     Ice Heal Heals frostbite
                            Awakening Wakes up a dozing Pokemon.
                             Paralyz Heal Heals paralyzed Pokemon.
                                  Full Heal Cures all conditions
                  Potion Restores some of your Pokemon's HP (Health Points).
                       Super Potion Restores more of your Pokemon's HP.
                       Hyper Potion Restores more HP than Super Potion.
                              Max Potion Completely restores HP.
                  Full Restore Completely restores HP, and heals all conditions.
                                Revive Revives a fallen Pokemon.
               Max Revive Revives a fallen Pokemon, and completely restores HP.
                         Rare Candy Increases a Pokemon's level by one.
                              HP Up Increases Pokemon's HP level.
                       PP Up Increases Pokemons PP (Power Points) level.
                                 Protein Increases Attack Power.
                                     Iron Increases Defense.
                                    Carbos Increases Speed.
                                Calcium Increases Special Ability.
                            X Attack Increases Attack during a battle.
                           X Defend Increases Defense during a battle.
                          X Special Increases Special only during battle.
                             X Speed Increases Speed during battle.
                            X Accuracy Increases Accuracy in a battle.
                    Guard Special Disables enemy Pokemon's Special Attack.
                       Dire Hit Increases your Pokemon's attack in battle.
                                 Bike Use this to travel quickly.
                             Escape Rope Use this to escape a cave.
               Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel Keep weak Pokemon from attacking.
                                    Poke Doll A popular doll.
                         Silph Scope Allows you to see Ghost Pokemon.
                            Poke Flute Wakes up a sleeping Pokemon.
               Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod Use these to catch Water Pokemon.
                            Item Finder Helps you find hidden items.
                    Exp. All Shares Experience with Pokemon that didn't fight.
                               Coin Use these at the Game Corner.
                        Coin Case Holds up to 9,999 Game Corner Coins.
                            Fresh Water Restores HP a little in battle.
                              Soda Pop Restores some HP in battle.
                            Lemonade Restores a lot of HP in battle.
                           Fire Stone Connected to the Fire Pokemon.
                       Thunder Stone Connected to the Electric Pokemon.
                         Water Stone Connected to the Water Pokemon.
                          Leaf Stone Connected to the Grass Pokemon.
                                        Moon Stone ????
                                        Helix Fossil ????
                                        Dome Fossil ????
                                        Old Amber ????


             Boulder Badge (Win From Brock) Flash Ability/Increases Power a little.
            Cascade Badge (Win From Misty) Cut Ability/Level 30 Pokemon obey you.
              Thunder Badge (Win From Lt. Surge) Fly Ability/Increases Speed a bit.
         Rainbow Badge (Win From Erika) Strength Ability/Level 50 Pokemon obey you.
                 Marsh Badge (Win From Sabrina) Level 70 Pokemon obey you.
               Soul Badge (Win From Koga) Surf Ability/Increases Defense a little.
                   Volcano Badge (Win From Blaine) Increases Special a little.
                      Earth Badge (Win From ???) All Pokemon obey you!

                 Technical Machines and Hidden Machines----------------------------

  There are two kinds of Machines that can teach Pokemon new moves. One kind is the Technical
  Machines, which can only be used once. The Hidden Machines can be used over and over. You
 can only teach a move to a Pokemon if it is able to. Teach Pokemon new abilities to max out their

                             TM01 Mega Punch Found at Mt. Moon
                         TM02 Razor Wind Found at Celdaon Mega Mart
                             TM03 Sword's Dance Found at Silph Co
                               TM04 Whirlwind Found on Route 4
                            TM05 Mega Kick Found on Victory Road
                             TM06 Toxic Found in Fucia City Gym
                            TM07 Horn Drill Found in Celadon Mart
                          TM08 Body Slam Found aboard the S.S. Anne
                             TM09 Take Down Found in Saffron City
                           TM10 Double Edge Found in Game Corner
                           TM11 Bubble Beam Found in Cerulean Gym
                              TM12 Water Gun Found in Mt. Moon
                          TM13 Ice Beam Found in Celadon Mega Mart
                            TM14 Blizzard Found on Cinnabar Island
                            TM15 Hyper Beam Found in Celadon City
                              TM16 Pay Day Found along Route 12
                            TM17 Submission Found on Victory Road
                           TM18 Counter Found in Celadon Mega Mart
                            TM19 Seismic Toss Found along Route 25
                                TM20 Rage Found along Route 15
                            TM21 Mega Drain Found in Celadon Gym
                          TM22 Solar Beam Found on Cinnabar Island
                            TM23 Dragon Rage Found in Celadon City
                           TM24 Thunderbolt Found in Virmilion Gym
                              TM25 Thunder Found in Power Plant
                              TM26 Earthquake Found in Silph Co.
                               TM27 Fissure Found in Viridian City
                                TM28 Dig Found in Cerulean City
                               TM29 Psychic Found in Saffron City
                               TM30 Teleport Found along Route 9
                               TM31 Mimic Found in Saffron City
                           TM32 Double Team Found in Fuchsin City
                              TM33 Reflect Found in Power Plant
                              TM34 Bide Found in Pewter City Gym
                          TM35 Metronome Found on Cinnabar Island
                             TM36 Self Destruct Found at Silph Co.
                             TM37 Egg Bomb Found at Fuchsin City
                            TM38 Fire Blast Found at Cinnabar Gym
                             TM39 Swift Found at Route 12 Lookout
                             TM40 Skull Bash Found in Safari Zone
                            TM41 Soft Boiled Found in Celadon City
                            TM42 Dream Eater Found in Viridian City
                           TM43 Sky Attack Found along Victory Road
                             TM44 Rest Found aboard the S.S. Anne
                           TM45 Thunder Wave Found along Route 24
                              TM46 Psywave Found in Saffron Gym
                           TM47 Explosion Found along Victory Road
                     TM48 Rock Slide Found on the Celadon Mega Mart Roof
                     TM49 Tri Attack Found on the Celadon Mega Mart Roof
                        TM50 Substitute Found in the Celadon Mega Mart
                             HM01 Cut Found aboard the S.S. Anne
                                HM02 Fly Found along Route 16
                              HM03 Surf Found in the Safari Zone
                              HM04 Strength Found in Fuchsia City
                                HM05 Flash Found along Route 2