Red & Blue WalkThrough

     Chapter 1:

  The Pokemon Journey Begins Your adventure starts in the the small Pallet Town. After choosing the name for your hero,  explore the town and talk to everyone. Then head north. Before you get a chance to leave the town limits, Professor Oak, the   towns expert on pokemon, will stop you and take you to his lab. He will give you a little information on pokemon and their   habits, then he will let you pick a pokemon of your own to begin training. You can get Bulbasaur, a grass type pokemon, Charmander, a fire type pokemon, or Squirtle, a water type. They are all good, but I like Charmander the best. After picking  your pokemon Professor Oak's grandson will challenge you to a duel. Beat up his pokemon to win some cash, then head northto Viridian City. While you travel you will have to fight some wild pokemon. You can't catch them yet, but you can fight them to  build up experience. You can find Pidgey, a flying type, and Rattata, a normal type pokemon. If your pokemon gets hurt or faints, just take him back to your house and your mom will heal him. When you reach Viridian City head to the Pokemon Mart.  The shopkeeper will give you a package to deliver to Professor Oak. Take it to Oak and he will give you the Pokedex.The  Pokedex will tell you all the pokemon you have seen or captured. Now go back to the Pokemon Mart in Viridian City andstock up on items. You should get a few Poke Balls so you can catch pokemon, and maybe an antidote or two so you can cure poison. Then check out the rest of the city. You also might want to head south again to catch the Rattata and Pidgey. Once you have completed your business, head north out of Viridian City to Viridian Forest. In the forest you can find a bunch of different pokemon including Caterpie and Metapod, both bug type, Weedle and Kakuna, both poison type, and Pikachu, and Electric type pokemon. You should try to capture and build up as many different kinds as you can. There are also many rival pokemon trainers in the forest. You can't catch their pokemon, but you can beat them to gain experience. Some of the trainers pokemon are pretty tough, so it would be a good idea to build up one of your pokemon up to a high level so you can beat them. As you
  travel the forest you can find a Potion, a Antidote, and a Poke Ball. If you keep heading north, you should eventually find the way out to Pewter City.

                                           Chapter 2:

  The Mt. Moon Area There is a bunch of stuff to see in Pewter City. There is a Museum, a Pokemon Center, a Pokemon  Mart, and a Gym. Check out the city, then head over to the Gym. There are two rival trainers to fight, including one named  Brock. Brock is the leader of the Gym, and if you want to challenge him, you have to go through one his friends. Before you take on Brock, make sure you have a couple of water, electricty, or grass type pokemon at level 17 or above. This will ensure your victory. Brock has two rock type pokemon, one at level 12, and one at level 14. When you beat him you will recieve the boulderbadge. It raises all of your pokemons attack power a little. You will also get something called "TM34". These Technical  Machines will teach any one of your pokemon a special skill. TM34 will give one pokemon the Bide skill, which reflects an  enemys attack back at them. After you are ready to move on, heal your pokemon and head east out of town. On the way to Mt. Moon there are a whole bunch of rival trainers. They aren't nearly as strong as Brock, but they still can be tough. You can also find two new pokemon on the way to Mt. Moon. There is the Jigglypuff, a normal type pokemon, and a Spearow, a lying
    type. Keep on going to reach Mt. Moon. In Mt. Moon there is many things to get. There are many rival trainers in the mountain, and some of them belong to Team Rocket, a group of evil pokemon trainers. The items you can find are two Potions,   a Rare Candy, a Escape Rope, a Moon Stone, a TM12, a TM01, and a HP UP item. You can also find a couple more pokemon. There is the Zubat, a poison type, a Paras, a grass type pokemon, the Clefairy, a normal type, and the Geodude, a very strong rock type pokemon. Explore the entire area of Mt. Moon until you get all the items you want, then go find the exit.    Its pretty easy to find. Once you are out, just follow the path to Cerulean City. On the way you can get one more new pokemon. If you have the blue version of the game you can get a Sandshrew, a ground type pokemon, and if you have the red    version you can get a Ekans, a poison type. Now go to Cerulean City. There are a bunch of places to go to in the city,  including a bike shop. You can buy a bike, but it will cost you a lot. Now go to the Gym. Here you will challenge the leader, Misty, once you get through two other trainers. Misty has two water type pokemon at level 18 and 21. I suggest building up a Geodude and Pikachu to level 23 or 24, plus another ground, rock, or fire type to at least level 22. After you beat her you will
    get a TM11 and the Cascadebadge. Heal your pokemon and head north. Right when you start on the path you will be  confronted by Gary. He is a hard opponent, cause he has 4 different pokemon, all of which are in different classes. You will  probably need a few different pokemon too if you you want to beat him. After beating Gary, you cam continue north, but be warned: there tons of rival trainers this way, and you have to fight them! After beating Gary, head back to the Pokecenter and heal up. Then take on all the trainers. This is actually one of the best places, at this point in the game, to build levels at, because of the amount of trainers. When you fight them, rotate different pokemon in every battle, so they all get a few levels up. When  you beat them, the path will be cleared, so you can make your way to the Sea Cottage.

                                            Chapter 3:

 The Saint Anne Head north after the bridge. There are a few trainers, and you can catch an Abra (both), a Oddish (red), and   a Bellsprout (blue). Then go to the house. There you meet Bill. Talk to him and help mih out. He'll give you the S.S. Anne ticket. Go back to Cerulean City, and find the house with the police officer standing next to it. Go through the house and down  the path. Here you will find the Pokemon Daycare. You can leave your pokemon here and they will gain levels. But beware. Your pokemon cannot evolve while in here, and you can't choose what skills they learn. After that, keep going down and take the underground path. When you get out of the path, you will be in a big grassy area with some more trainers. In the grass you  can find Meowth (blue), and Mankey (red). Keep going sout to reach Vermillion City. Take care of business, then go to the docks and enter the ship. The ship is a great place to build levels cause there are tons of trainers. The only really hard battle in
here is Gary, but if you have a few strong pokemon you should be able to waste him. After defeating Gary talk to the captian of  the ship and make him feel better. For this he will give you your first HM, called Cut. Once you are done with the boat, go back to Vermillion and get any grass or plant type pokemon in your party. Teach cut to the grass or plant pokemon, then go to the Gym. To get into the Gym, you must use the Cut technique on the funny looking bush. Then go in and beat the trainers. To get to the Gym Leader, Lt. Surge, you must poen a locked door. To unlock the door, you must hit the garbage cans in the right  order. First, hit all the cans untill you get the message saying you hace unlocked the first switch. Then hit another can. If you  pick the correct can you can go in and fight Surge. If it wasn't you need to start over. Surge has 3 electric pokemon at levels  18, 21, and 24. If you have the blue version, use a strong Sandshrew or Sandslash. They work great. If you got red, just use any pokemon that isn't water or fire class. Beat Surge, get the Thunderbadge and a TM, and head east out of the city. Pass the
 cave for now and keep on going. You will be in a huge grass area with lots of trainers and a one new pokemon to catch. You can get the Drowzee (both). Then keep going east until you get to a building. Go in and go to the top floor. Talk to the guy with glasses. If you have caught more than 30 pokemon he will give you the Itemfinder. If not, come back when you have. Then Go back to the cave you passed a minute back. In the cave you can catch a Digglett (both), and a Dugtrio (both). The Dugtrio is very rare, so if you see him be sure to catch him. Go through the cave to an area of Veridian Forest you've never been to. Go south to find the HP UP and Moon Stone items. In the house, talk to the Prof.'s Aid to get the Flash HM. Then go back up to Pewter City. Go to the eastern city exit and Cut down the bush. Follow the trail. You will meet a bunch of trainers. In the little area of grass, you can catch a Voltorb (both). Then head down to the pokecenter to heal your pokemon. Make sure to teach the Flash skill you got to one pokemon and bring him with you. When you are ready, enter the tunnel. Imeadiatly use the Flash skill, and the cave will be lighted up. You can catch 2 new pokemon here, the Machop (both), and the Onyx (both). The Onyx  is very hard to catch, so you might want to wait until you get a better kind of pokeball. You will also find a few trainers in the cave. Beat them, find the exit, and head to Lavender Town.

                                            Chapter 4:

  The Silph Scope Lavander Town has a few mysteries in it. First, the leader of the Volunteer Pokemon Center, Mr. Fuji, is  missing. Second, you cannot identify the ghost pokemon in Pokemon Tower. You will need a Silph Scope to do this, so you must go to Celadon City. Exit left out of the city, and just follow the path to the underground tunnel. There is also a grassy spot in the middle where you can catch a Vulpix (blue), and a Arcanine (red). Take the underground path and follow it to Celedon, City. Cleadon is the biggest city on the map, and you can get tons of stuff here. First, check out the Pokemart. You can get all kinds of items here. Now you need the Silph Scope. Go to the game corner casino and talk to the guy by the poster. Beat him,  and hit the poster. It will open the secret door leading to the secret Team Rocket base. This is a pretty easy maze. You need    the lift key to access the elevator, so get that, then hop on. Take the elevator to the top floor, and battle with the boss, Giovanni. He has a few worhty pokemon, but he doesen't really present that much of a problem. Beat him to collect the Silph Scope. Now go the Celadon City Gym. The leader is Erika, and she specializes in graas type pokemon. She has a Victreebel,  level 29, a Tangela, level 24, and a Vileplume, level 29. Beat her to collect the Rainbow Badge, which assures all pokemon under level 50 will obey you. Next, head back to the Pokemon Tower. You can catch a Gastly (both), a Haunter (both), and a   Cubone (both). When you get to the top, you will fight a Marowak. You can;t catch it, but when you beat it you will have access to the top level. Beat the Team Rocket trainer and save Mr. Fuji. Back in his house, if you talk to him he will give you the Poke Flute, which allows you to awaken the sleeping Snorlax that has been blocking your way.

                                            Chapter 5:

 To The Safari Zone Your next goal is to get into Saffron City. To do this, you need to get past the security guards. Go to theCeladon City Pokemart and go to the top floor. Push A on the top wall to access the vending machine. Buy any drink and head  to the guard (east out of Celadon City and west out of Lavender Town). When you give the drink to the guard all the guards  will let you through. In Saffron City, you will se that Team Rocket has occupied most of the city. There are only a few places   you can explore. First, go to the fighting dojo and beat all the trainers. You can pick Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan, both cool fighting pokemon. Now head over to the Silph Co. building at the center of town. When you get into the building, head directly to the elevator and to the 5th floor. You need to do this because you need the Card Key to open all the electronic doors in the
 building. The Card Key is a little trickey to get. Go to the bottom of the screen. There is a trainer and a teleporter blocking the path to the ball that holds the Card Key. The solution: enter the teleporter, then reenter it. That means you need to step on the teleporter, then step on the teleporter you just came through. You will be standing on the one you first went in, and the path to the ball will no longer be blocked. Now, go back to the 2nd floor and start exploring the entire building. If you don't take anyteleporters, you will end up at the 11th floor, with a room you've never been in behind a wall you can't get past. Then solution is   to go back down to the 3rd floor. Go towards the middle of the room and head left into the first of two rooms. Take the teleporter in the room, and you will be warped into a small room with Gary in it. Challenge and beat Gary, then talk to the guy  in the room. He will give you a Lapras, a ice type pokemon. Take the next teleporter, and you will be in the room you saw  from the 11th floor. Beat the trainer, open the door, and challenge... Giovanni again! Hes not that much tougher than the last time you fought him, so beat him and talk to the Silph Co. president. He will give you the best ball in the game, the Master Ball.  You only get 1 Master Ball, so use it wisely. After that, go out and head to the gym. The man blocking the door has left, so  enter the gym. The trainers here use psychic type pokemon, so be ready. The gym is somewhat of a maze, consisting of 15  rooms, each connected by teleporters. To go directly to Sabrina, the gym's leader, just keep on going in the teleporter to the top or bottom of the one you just came out of. You will eventually get to her. She has four psychic pokemon, a Kadabra, level38, a Mr. Mime, level 37, a Venomoth, level 38, and a Alakazam, level 43. Beat her to get the Marsh Badge, which ensurs any pokemon up to level 70 will obey you. You will also get the TM 46, which teaches a psychic pokemon psywave. Next, head to Lavender Town and exit the town through the south. There are lots of trainers to fight on the docks, all of which have water  type pokemon. Keep going until you get to the sleeping pokemon. Play the Poke Flute to awaken the sleeping Snorlax. You   probably won't be able to catch him right now, because you don't have a powerfull enough type pokeball, but don't worry  cause there are two Snorlax in the game. Keep heading south through the docks, and enter the house. The man will give you the Super Rod, the second bets rod in the game. Pretty soon you will get to a grassy area that you will have to cut to get into. Here, and in all the grassy areas on this route, you can get a Venomoth (both), a Ditto (both), a Gloom (red), and a Weepinbell(blue). Eventually you will get to the point where you can't go south anymore, so turn and head west now. There is a small maze  here, with 11 trainers throughout it. When you get to the end, head south again. You will fight more trainers on this path. Just  keep going until you get to the building. Finally a rest! You will now be in the city that holds the mystical Safari Zone: Fuchsia City. If you have gotten 50 or more types of pokemon by now, go to the building between the city and the outside, the one you
  enter to get into the city. Climbe the stairs and talk to the guy with glasses. He is another one of Prof. Oaks aids, and he will  give you the Exp. All if you have over 50 types of pokemon. Now go to the city, heal up and buy supplies, and get ready for the Safari Zone.

                                            Chapter 6:

  Safari Zone and Power Plant The Safari Zone is a strange place. There are many pokemon that can only be found in the  Safari Zone. It consists of three zones, all of which contain a slightly different batch of pokemon. The new pokemon you can catch are Nidorino (both), Nidorina (both), Rhyhorn (both), Exeggcute (both), Parascect (both), Scyther (red), Pinsir (blue),   Kangaskhan (both), Doduo (both), Venomoth (both), And Tauros (both). The 4 pokemon that are very very very hard to   catch are the Chancey, Scyther, Tauros, and Kangaskhan, mainly because of thier rareity. It is hard enough to find these pokemon, and really hard to catch them. For Scyther/Pinsir, I suggest just buying them at the game corner. This will save you a  lot of trouble. A good stratigy when catching Kangaskhan is to throw a safari ball at it right away. Almost 100 percent of the time they will bust out and run, but a very small percentage of the time they will stay in the ball. The Chancey is also kinda hard
  to get. The trick is to keep throwing safari balls at him. Throwing rocks at these pokemon usually just makes them run, andthrowing bait doesen't help much either because when you throw a ball at them after bait, the ball will miss. Throw ball after ball at chancey, and sometimes he will stay in the ball. You can usually throw 3 or 4 balls at him before he runs, and sometimes you can throw 5. He will usually stay in the ball the 5th time. The last, and I think hardest pokemon to catch, is Tauros. Once again,just throw a safari ball at him on the first turn. 99 out of 100 times he will break out, but that 1 time is the one that you will catch him. The Safari Zone can be a maddening place. I can not stress enough that catching these pokemon is pure luck. You're just going to have to throw the ball and take your chances. Another part of the Safari Zone is the secret house and the gold teeth.
  The secret house is located in the thrid zone. To get there, take the east exit out of the entrance area. Go up through the first zone, and into the second. In the second zone, head into the first grassy patch you see, and head north. Go up and over the big  rock. Do not take the south exit just yet. Go north again, and up and around until you are at a second exit to the south. Take  this exit. Go south a little bit in the third zone and pick up the Gold Teeth. Then Enter the building in the top-left corner of the  zone. Talk to the guy there to recieve your Surf HM. Next, get out of the zone and go to the bottom right hand corner of the  city. Talk to the warden to recieve the Strength HM. Now, go to the city Gym. The trainers in this Gym use status-problem  causing pokemon. The Gym is made up of a few invisible walls. Just go through, beating the trainers as you move along, until you get to the leader, Koga. He has Koffing, level 37, Muk, level 39, Koffing, level 37, and Wheezing, level 43. Not to tough.
 You will get the Soul Badge and TM 06. Heal up your pokemon and make sure to teach one of them Surf. Now you need to go to the Power Plant, but this might be a good time to get the Fly HM. Exit out of Fuchsia City to the west, and head up the cycling road. There are a few trainers here, and a few new pokemon. You can cvatch Spearow (both) and Raticate (both) in the grassy areas. Finish the course and go through the building. Keep on going until you see a bush that can be Cut down. Usethe Cut skill on the bush and go up through the second building. Kepp going until you see a small house. Enter the house, talk to the lady, and collect the final HM, Fly. Once you have taught Fly to a pokemon, Fly back to Cerulean City. Take the east exit
  out of town and go as far east as you can. You will see a small break in the rocks blocking off the water. Get right in front of  the water and use the Surf skill. Swim up and around until you get to the other shore, and enter the Power Plant. There are a  couple of cool items to get and a few new pokemon too. You can catch Magnemite (both), Magneton (both), Raichu (blue), and Electrabuzz (red). The main reason for comming to the Power Plant is Zapdos. Zapdos is one of the legendary pokemon,and he will only appear in your game once. He is found near the exit of the Plant. I strongly suggest not using your master ball at this time. The master ball should be reserved for Mewtwo. Mewtwo will be explained in a later chapter. Zapdos is at level 50,  so he is really kind of hard to catch. The best idea (and this works on all 3 of the legendary pokemon) is to freeze them with and ice attack like icebeam, ice punch, or blizzard. One he is almost dead and frozen, just throw a bunch of ultra balls at him.  He will ventually stay in the ball. Once you are done with the Power Plant, use Fly again to take you back to Fuchsia City.

                                           Chapter 7:

   To Cinnabar Island Once in Fuchsia, exit the city to the south. you will see a huge body of water. Surf into it and start  swiming north. You can catch a Tentacruel in both versions here. Just follow the water until you get to land. You will see the  Seafoam Islands, which is a cave. To get through to Cinnabar Island, you will need a pokemon who has the Strength ability.  Enter the cave and use Strength. Then go to the boulders and push them into the holes. After you push the boulder into thehole, jump in the hole and push the boulder down again. Continue this until you have the boulder in the water. Then go up to the top floor and push the second boulder into the hole, following the same process as the first. Repeat this process until you have  all the boulders in the cave in the water. To find all the boulders, you will have to do a little exploring. You can catch a ton of  new water type pokemon in the cave. On the first floor you can get Seel (both), Slowpoke (both), Psyduck (both), Golduck
   (red), Horsea (red), Krabby (blue), Shellder (red), and Staryu (blue). On the second level you can catch Staryu (both),  Dewgong (both), and Seadra (red). On the thrid you can get Kingler (blue). The forth floor has Golbat (both) and Slowbro (blue). On the forth floor, if you have all the boulders in the water, you can fight Articuno, the legendary ice pokemon. If all the boulders are in the right spots, you can swim over to him. Articuno is at level 50, and he is pretty hard to catch. Use the same techniques as you did with Zapdos, and you should be able to catch him. Try putting him to sleep or paralyzing him. To get out of the cave, make sure all the boulders are in the right spots, then jump into a hole on the second floor into the water, or go to the third floor and Surf into the water. Swim over to the land area in the bottom right corner and take the stairs. Keep following  the stairs until you find the exit. Now Surf over to the Cinnabar Island. The island is like a normal town, with the exception of
 the Pokemon Lab. You can take your fossil and the Old Amber to the Lab and get a pokemon. The Old Amber becomes the Aerodactyl, the Dome Fossil becomes the Kabuto, and the Helix Fossil becomes Omanyte. Just give your items to the man in   the last room, exit the building, then go back in and talk to him. He will give you the pokemon. Now you need the seventh badge. As you can see, the Gym is locked, so you need the key. Its located in the building in the top left corner of the city. This is the only building with random battles on the island. (*Heres a little known secret for all you pokemon trainers out there: The forth and final Moon Stone is located in this building. It can be found by using the itemfinder in the room you start out in when   you enter the building.*) There are a few new pokemon to catch here. You can get Grimer, Muk, Koffing, Wheezing, and Ponyta in both versions of the game. On the second floor, in the blue version only, you can catch Magmar. To get the key, you
  have to get to an area on the third floor that has an open ledge that you can jump off. To get there, you will have to push the buttons on the statues that open the various electric doors in the building. When you get to there, jump off the ledge. There are   three spaces that you can jump off, and each takes you to a different place in the building. Try them all, until you get to the  basement. Search the basement to get the key. Now exit the building and go to the Gym. Beat all the trainers, and get to the Gym Leader, Blaine. He uses fire pokemon. Hes got Growlithe, level 42, Ponyta, level 40, Rapidash, level 42, and Arcanine level 47. Beat him to get the Vocano Badge, and the TM 38, which has Fire Blast, a very powerfull fire attack.

                                           Chapter 8:

  The road to the Indigo Plateau The eighth and final badge is located at Veridian City. Remember that locked Gym at the  begining of the game? It unlocked now, and the final leader is there. Beat all the trainers and fight the final Gym Leader. Its    Giovanni Again! Hes not much more powerful now, so just take him out. Hes got Rhyhorn, level 45, Dugtrio, level 42,  Nidoqueen, level 43, Nidoking, level 45, and Rhydon, level 50. Any water or psychic pokemon will have no problem killing  them. Now, heal all your pokemon and stock up on items. I recommend getting about 20 ultra balls (if you can afford it), a   bunch of potions, and a few escape ropes. Also make sure you have pokemon with the Surf and Strength skills. Now exit Veridian City to the west, and enter the big building. Go through all the check points until you get to a cave. In the grassy area before the cave you can get a Arbok (red) and Sandslash (blue). Save the game, then enter the cave. To advance through the  cave, called Victory Road, you must push the boulders onto the switches to unlock the blockades. The cave can be pretty confusing, but just keep pusing the boulders and pressing onward. Eventually, you will get to a boulder next to a hole. Push the  boulder through the hole, then follow it down. Just follow the stairs to the exit. If you do some extra exploring, you will find Moltres (hes on the second floor). He is the third and last of the legendary pokemon. Once again, freezeing attacks work very  well against him. Also try confusion, paralize, and sleep attacks. You can catch three new pokemon here. On the first floor,  there is Machoke (both) and Marowak (both). On the second floor there is a Venomoth (both). Find the exit and enter the Indigo Plateau, the final challenge of the game!

                                           Chapter 9:

    The Elite Four and Gary This is the final test, the only battle that really counts. If you have only been building up one    pokemon the entire game, you might have a little trouble with this fight. First, before even trying to fight the Elite Four, i recommend going back into Victory Road and builing up some levels. Once you have gotten about 4 pokemon to level 60 or above, you will be able to win the final challenge. Also, before entering the battle, go to the store in the Indigo Plateau and buylots of Max Potion, Revive, and Full Heal. These items are essential to winning the next battle. Now enter the door at the top of the room to begin. The first challenger is Lorelei. She uses ice/water type pokemon. To beat her, use a fire, fighting, or psychic pokemon. She has Dewgong, level 54, Cloyster, level 53, Slowbro, level 54, Jynx, level 56, and Lapras, level 56. They can be  hard if you are not prepared. After beating her, heal any pokemon that are injured, or have status problems, and head to the  next fight. Its against Bruno, and in my opinion, its the easiest battle in the series. He uses fighting/rock pokemon, so use any
  ice, water, ground, or psychic pokemon against him. The reason he is so weak is that his pokemon are strong but slow, so if you use a pokemon that is super effective against him, you will kill him without having him attack even once. He has Onix, level 53, Hitmonchan, level 55, Hitmonlee, level 55. Onix, level 56, and Machamp, level 58. Take him out, heal your pokemon, and  get ready for the next battles, cause they start getting pretty hard. Next fight is against Agatha, a ghost pokemon trainer. Shealso has some other creepy pokemon. To win this match, get a psychic pokemon for the ghosts, and any other strong pokemon for the others. Your psychic pokemon will really do dammage with the Psybeam and Psychic attacks. Agatha has Gengar, level 56, Golbat, level 56, Haunter, level 55, Arbok, level 58, and Gengar, level 60. Beat her and heal. Make sure to save some Full Heals for this fight because her ghosts and snakes and bats can cause some pretty bad status problems. Now, get ready for the
  fourth battle. Its against Lance, the dragon tamer. His pokemon are tough, but can be easyily beaten with any ice pokemon.   Icebeam and Blizzard will take take them all out. Lance ha Gyarados, level 58, Dragonair, level 56, Dragonair, level 56,  Aerodactyl, level 60, and Dragonite, level 62. Beat him down to get to the final battle. Before confronting Gary, make sure your pokemon are in top fighting condition. Now go get him. All of Gary's pokemon have different classes, so you will need at least 2 or 3 powerful pokemon to beat him. His first 3 pokemon are Pigot, level 61, Alakazam, level 59, and Rhydon, level 61. His second three differ, depending on which pokemon he choose at the start of the game. If he picked Bulbasaur, he will have  Gyarados, level 61, Arcanine, level 63, and Venusar, level 65. If he picked Charmander, he will have Exeggutor, level 61,  Gyarados, level 63, and Charizard, level 65. If he picked Squirtle, he will have Arcanine, level 61, Exeggutor, level 63, and Blastoise, level 65. Beat him to beat the game. Congratulations! Your next job is to collect all 150 pokemon!

                                           Chapter 10:

 The Unknown Dungeon Mewtwo is one of the best pokemon in the game. He is super strong, super fast, has tons of HP, a  high special rating, and looks cool. To catch him, head over to Cerulean City and exit the city to the north, over the bridge. At   the end of the bridge, there is some water. Surf into the water and swim until you get to a cave. Mewtwo is there, on the 3rd   floor. He can only be seen once, and he is really hard to catch, because he starts out at level 70. Did you save your Master Ball? If you did, just use it on the first turn. If you don't have it anymore, just follow the same methods as you did in catching the  legendary birds. Get him real low in HP, like 1 or 2. Make sure he has a status problem (the best, in my opinion, is freeze, but  sleep, confusion, and paralize works well too). Now start throwing Ultra Balls. It might take a bunch, but Mewtwo is worth it!