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Date: 07.09.2000
Unreal Top 100

  Submit                 By: Shaun L                Top Of Page                Time:  3:25PM                 Email  
I had just enough time today to join and install the Unreal Top 100 onto the site. I don't expect to see this site on the list for at least a month but the more time and effort I can put into the site, the closer that mark will be able to get. If you haven't book marked the page yet, by all means please do cause there's lots to be done and I'm looking forward to expanding this site.


Date: 07.07.2000
Windows ME Millennium Edition
  Submit                 By: Shaun L                Top Of Page                Time:  9:15AM                 Email  
After months of testing, Microsoft is releasing Windows ME this fall. I was lucky and came upon a copy of the final build 3000.2 of Windows ME. I must say that the performance in UT had increased by about 15% just because of the powerful drivers that Windows ME supported. My Voodoo2 1000 and Voodoo3 3000 both gained frame rates and map loading was much quicker. Thou, I noticed ME took a chunk out my ram, which I didn't mind since I have 256MB. I also found that web pages looked sharper since IE5.05 uses filters and highest quality image decoding capabilities. The UT Crypt never looked so good!, I urge you to upgrade to Windows ME when it becomes avail and see for your self the difference. Estimated retail price is $129.99 CAN for the upgrade edition and $299.99 CAN for the stand alone edition. Windows ME Millennium Edition will be available in stores all across Canada and the US on September 14th, 2000.

Date: 07.07.2000
Finished Layout
  Submit                 By: Shaun L                Top Of Page                Time:  1:05AM                 Email  
The page layout is complete and all I need to do now is fix up some of the bugs and page glitches. I hate to say this but Netscape is a very bad browser in terms of compatibility. It's time for you Netscape kids to either leave Netscape all together and join IE5 or upgrade to Netscape6. I'm glad to say this layout looks very good under the Windows ME Millennium Edition platform.


Date: 07.06.2000
Added Links
  Submit                 By: Shaun L                Top Of Page                Time:  1:00PM                 Email  
Ok, almost all the links on the site will lead you to nowhere but that's only because I haven't finished them yet. So just bare with me and let me finish working on the links and getting some good content up. There's lots to be done and I best be working rather than talking so I guess I'll leave. Cheers all!


Date: 07.05.2000
Uploaded Website And Starting Layout
  Submit                 By: Shaun L                Top Of Page                Time: 11:55PM                 Email  
Today was the first official day that this site is online. I have allot of work ahead on the layout and on the UT information. With the help of time, I should get most of this layout done by next week but I will not promise nothing. To everyone else, feel free to send email to me about any breaking news that may be of interest. And don't forget to send me your pictures.

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