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Welcome to my Pro Sk8er site. Here in the Board Park there are many links to Playstation's Tony Hawk Pro Skater pictures, profiles, strategies, and more. My site is still under construction, or work, so more links are to come. Enjoy and please sign the guestbook.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater allows players to skate as Tony Hawk and nine other pros, with tons of trick and stunt combos. Environments offer "real world" competitions, obstacles, challenges and even secret areas. In addition, the game has a trick and combo system, open-ended tracks and multiplayer capabilities. The game will be about anywhere.

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In Pro Skater you can pull off tons of trick and stunt combos in awesome real life environments.

Ride as the pros as you ollie and grind to punk music.

Enjoy fast-frame-rates, instant replays and motion-captured, pro-signature moves.

This game to me is my favorite game I ever played.



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