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Questions & Answers

What is a Scenario?

A scenario is a game made up for you to continue. This does not mean that you have to do only a specific thing (however possible) - it just means that the start situation of the game is well prepared so that nothing has happened by chance so far. Some scenarios may also include special effects that can be found in the "Events.txt"-file and some have victory conditions (Civ2).

Which file type is the one I need?

The game Civ2 differentiates between *.sav-files (regular save-files), *.scn-files (scenario-files), *.net-files (save-files of multiplayer-session) and *.hot-files (Hot-seat-mode-files). The files you can download here are all *.scn-files that you can start alone or together with others in a multiplayer session.

What steps are necessary to install a Civ2-Scenario?

All scenarios here are availaible in zip-format. Please take a look at the authorīs 'Readme.txt' (or similar name) and follow the installation instructions given to you there. Normally the best way to install a scenario is to unzip it with WinZip by using folder names into your 'scenario' or whatever-folder. Otherwise you can also make a new subdirectory 'name of scenario' manually at your preferred location and move the files contained in there, make a directory named 'sound' in this new folder and move all files ending *.wav in here.
PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT extract or move the contained files into your main Civ2-directory or main Sound-directory!

Can I play a scenario-game online against others?

Yes, all participants need to have the same patched game version and the same scenario-file that must be kept in the same subdirectory structure (e.g. all players must keep the file in c:/games/civ2/scenarios/scenarioname/). During the connecting process Civ2 MGE asks all players with incompatible subdirectories to create the directory structure of the host.

What kind of scenarios can I find here?

This site wants to provide you selected original scenarios of high quality. Many of the scenarios you can download here are also capable of beeing used for Multiplayer games (if not expressly recommended for Singleplayer games). These games guarantee fascinating multiplayer action right from the beginning - trying to follow this guidelines:
Clear (no hundreds of cities and units difficult to survey),
Balanced (at least two or more tribes can be taken in a fair multiplayer-game) and
Fast (only a few efficient cities are better for multiplayer sessions cause the more cities you have the more time you need to manage them).

I just like to build my own realms - why should I give scenarios a chance?

Scenarios are no replacement for the regular game in which you style your own realms. They are just a funny alternative to the regular game and do provide you a more chess-like situation which is more fair in multiplayer-games (because landmass and resources often mean a preliminary decision in a regular game). Also scenarios can take place in any fantasy world with different units, wonders etc. So both playing methods are just two different ways of gaming which do not exclude eachother and which both have their own flair and advantages. So even if you are a "Hardcore-4000BC-Starter": Give scenarios a chance!


Wise stategic considerations often follow their own rules in a scenario game according to the authors settings so that it is impossible to state a general scenario-strategy advice. Nevertheless we have compiled the main general aspects to review if you want to play a successful scenario game of the type that you find at this page. These are the most important things to remind valuable for many of our scenarios:

- Increase your trade rates! Establishing trade routes will have an enormous impact on your rates due to the amplified effect of large city sizes and already granted buildings. You can also hire some additional scientists or tax collectors with large impacts in most cases. Building 2-3 Caravans/Freights per city for trade routes as one of your first measures right at the beginning will pay off soon with fantastic rates if your opponents let them reach their goals!

- Save science costs by espionage! Stealing techs is a good way not only to save money but time also. Best way is to steal a tech by an enemy shortly before you would have discovered that tech by your own (so that you have saved the bulbs for the new advance to pick next). Spies and Diplomats can also be very helpfully used to let your own units move across enemy zones of control.

- Get money by selling buildings depending on their necessity at the moment (for e.g. you dont really "need" a Sewer system in a city that has just grown for a size). In extreme cases you can even give up science for a certain time: Sell all your "knowledge" buildings (Lab., Uni., Libr.) and set your tax-rate to the highest possible position - so you get a large amount of money in a very short time which enables you to buy many units and mobilize a very dangerous military potential. If you manage to conquer about 2 or more enemy cities with that potential you will get techs and money by conquest so that you can easily rebuild your sold buildings. You may also consider to bribe a city especially if it is well defended and if you have enough money (cheaper if city is in civil disorder!).

- Concentrate your military operations! If you attack a city with only a small number of units (just to use that unit that turn) the chance is high that your strike was a mistake! In most cases your units will have died while the scratched enemy units inside the city will be still there and fresh (through barracks) next turn. So always make yourself clear whether your attack has tactical purposes (e.g. destruction of a certain unit, field or naval battle) or if it is more of strategical nature (e.g. city attacks, territory gain). A good way for successful strategic attacks is to gather a superior amount of offensive units and let them attack commonly in the same turn. If you fail to take the city though you can tactically "protect" a large number of moved units in front of a city (e.g. Artilleries) by moving one strong defensive ground unit (e.g. Mech.Inf.) and one bomber aircraft to the same square (take hills or mountains best). So the ground units cannot be attacked by enemy ground units unless the bomber has been destroyed - but if fighters attack the defending unit will be the Mech. Inf...!


Latest Patch

This file is needed to establish Multiplayer online connections (download into your civ2 folder and run it)


for Civ2 (MGE): Download "Update1.3" (File size: 2,79 MB)


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