Welcome to my StarCraft Webpage Here you will find some of my maps, a few Munted Pictures, Downloads, some Links.. and other stuff to come!
Updates 6-6-2000: First of all, thanks for the Munted pictures submissions to everyone who sent them in. Here's a little story.. One day I was just sitting at my computer, thinking about what kind of map I could make next.. and I thought "Well, I feel like making a really easy to make map, which I don't have to put a lot of effort into, while it still being fun" So of course, a Madness map I started to make :) Halfway through the second day of working on it, I hit the String Limit (!) and I finished most everything by the end of the second day. After testing it lots, I found a lot of bugs and cheesy things people could do to screw up the map, but I fixed them all, and now it's finished! Here are the specs: - 8 Players (Thanks to player 12) - About 650 triggers - 180 locations - 53 switches I've put it right at the top of my maps page, so go download it! 5-4-2000: Finally added the Downloaded maps sections :) What are you waiting for? Go Download them!
Current StarCraft Map Projects 1. My RPG map I've been working on for a while. Unfortunately work on this has stopped, since I hit several of StarEdit's bugs :( . . . whenever I try to open the triggers, StarEdit crashes! I will work around this one way or another, and finally finish the map! 2. Currently working on the Ultimate 7v1 Comp map. Except the 1 comp is too hard at the moment :) 3. Several unstarted maps (just ideas i guess) Including: A StarshipTroopers type map, and another map which will hopefully be reminiscent of NA Arena. 4. More Melee maps when I can be bothered ;)