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So you have played both games.  One has been around nearly four years, the other, one year. (as of 6/02/01) So how do they compare?  Does Perfect Dark completely blow Goldeneye 007 away?  Or can Goldeneye hold its own against Perfect Dark?

Since Perfect Dark uses the expansion pack, and Goldeneye doesn't, "with enhancement" refers to the expansion pack for Perfect dark, and the Gameshark for Goldeneye.  Fair? So if its in white it means no enhancement, gray means with enhancement

*  Cheats that give single weapons are not included
Category Goldeneye 007 Perfect Dark
Number of single player missions 18, 2 special 0
Number of single player missions 18, 2 special 17, 4 special
Number of multi player levels 11 12
Number of multi player levels 16 12
Number of players in multi 4 2
Number of players in multi 4 4
Number of bots (simulants) 0 8
Number of bots (simulants) 8 (sort of) 8
Number of cheats* 12 0
Number of cheats* 19 22
Cut scenes? yes yes
Cut scenes? yes yes
Voice? no no
Voice? no yes
Number of guns 26 28
Number of multi player characters 64 61
The following are opinions.  If you think differently, let me know. 

Better graphics no yes
Better music yes no
Better plot yes no
Better weapons yes no
Better designed levels yes no
Better artificial intelligence no yes
Better framerate no yes

Final Total (without enhancement) 7 6
Final Total (with enhancement) 5 7

  Bottom line:  You can't duplicate a classic.  Even after 3 years, Goldeneye can hold its own against Perfect Dark, and in my opinion, is still a better game.  What do you think?  Here are some other people's opinions:

Lou- Which is better? It's a no-brainer! Of course Goldeneye is better. Goldeneye=legend. Perfect Dark=wannabe legend.

L.O.D- Well, screw the reveiws and stats. It's been a year, and Goldeneye is the game im still playing. So i guess that means that it's better than Perfect Dark, right?

Kage-"In Perfect Dark, without an expansion back there is almost nothing to do. Plus a lot of the multi-player levels are the same because Rare just used old Goldeneye levels like the complex and the facility. Goldeneye also has a way better weapons."

Devbinks- GoldenEye is much better than Perfect Dark. PD had some enhancements like better AI, simulants, and a slightly better frame-rate, but it was too futuristic for my taste. I liked the normal weapons and levels that GoldenEye had.

superman9381-"Perfect Dark has cooler graphics and the voices are cool, but the missions aren't as cool.  The alien thing messes everything up"

wolverine43-"Perfect dark is much better.  The multi player simulants keep you playing for a while, and the single player missions rock."

bob1313-"both games have their highs and lows.  perfect dark has the better multi player, while goldeneye has far better single player missions"

mike sherwood-"Perfect dark's guns are all the same.  they all fire really fast, and theres no variety to them.  goldeneye has the neater guns."

Austin-"Pd is better because the sound is awesome and the guns don't just dip down and reload, they each have a different reload animation.  The guns also have secondary functions, which in a sense doubles the guns plus it features the classic goldeneye guns which dont have a secondary feature :( but are still cool. The graphics are the best I've seen in any game yet.  The downside :( Pd does require a Expansion pak to have access to the single-player half of the game."

Steve-"Perfect Dark is an impressive game.  Tangibly, it is far superior to Goldeneye.  Better graphics, voices, incredible lighting effects, multi player simulants, and the list goes on.  But, Goldeneye has something intangible.  It is difficult to explain, but Goldeneye has it, and Perfect Dark just doesn't."

Dave-"Comparing Perfect Dark and Goldeneye 007 isn't completly fair...  Three years is a very long time for a video game.  So here's an analogy.  You get into fight with your grandfather.  You are much younger, and stronger, you are going to kick his ass.  But now imagine that your grandpa is pretty old, but can still bench press 200 pounds, and yuo get into a fight.  Its pretty close, and you can't really decide who won.  Goldeneye is that grandpa.  It has withstood the test of time, and can stand up to Perfect Dark any day.

Mike Foster-"Perfect Dark's simulants are pretty damn cool, but they could still use a lot of tweaking.  But you h ave to remember, this is the first game that uses multi player bots like that.  It will only get better from here."

Jeff aka "Elvis"-"I like Goldeneye better. Its got much better designed multi and solo levels
and dosen't need an expansion pak to play. PD will never beat 007."



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