Beta Guns

The weapons in Perfect Dark haven't changed a whole lot since the Beta stages of the game.  But what you could do with the guns has changed significantly.
Using a Gameshark code, made by Wreck7, I was able to take this picture of a Falcon 2, with a scope and a silencer.  Pretty cool, huh?  You could originally put the silencer on and off when you wanted, so you could do this.
Look at this picture carefully.  Joanna isn't reloading, she is putting the silencer on the gun! 
You can't see it, but if you magnify this image, you can see that the Magsec 4 has only 8 bullets in its clip.  We know that there are now 9.  You will also notice that there is so indicator as to what mode the gun is in.  So there were no secondary modes in the beta versions.
Just another shot of the Magsec in the dataDyne building, but look at the gun.  There is a little thing sticking out of the side of it.  What the hell is that thing?  It isn't in many of the early videos, and it is in the final version.  So what is it?  It seems pretty useless.
Here is a beta laptop gun.  It hasn't changed a whole lot.  The gun isn't as blue as it is now, it is more of a silver.  And it has to be pretty powerful, because Joanna just took out the dataDyne gunship with it. 
Here's the beta dragon.  Whats weird here is that the clip is full, yet the ammo count in the clip is a single digit number.  Strange.  And you can't see Joanna's second hand holding the gun!  For it to look like this, she would have to be holding it with one hand!
This is a very cool picture from a beta video.  You can see the dragon locking on to something!  It isn't really locking on to it, it is sort of just showing it to you, like the K7's Threat Detector.  Did the dragon have a threat detector in beta also?
It seems the Dragon was far more complex than it is now!  This isn't the Farsight, it's the Dragon!  Look at the bottom left corner!  You can see the outline of the Dragon!  So maybe the Dragon was the original Farsight.  This gun had an 8 round clip and semi-auto fire.
Look at this!  Two AR34 assault rifles!  That could have been some serious destructive power!  But of course, if you think about it, a gun that big needs two hands to be held, so we only can get one now, even with the all guns cheat.
The beta Mauler.  It isn't that diffrent.  Same shape, but it is colored differently.  It is more silvery in the beta, and more dark gray/black in the final version.  There is also more green on it in the final version.  And this one is positioned up more.  You can see  more of Joanna's hand.
In the bottom left corner, you can se the beta Slayer.  It was originally held over the left shoulder.  Did it move to the right shoulder, then to a hand held position?  Who knows.  But it looks pretty weird here.  It got a whole new design before the final version was done.
Ok, maybe this is just me, but look at the K7 Avenger.  It is a flat black color.  In the final version, isn't it more of a shiny dark blue?  Maybe it's just me.  No, it's not me, if you look at the gun in the inventory, it looks shiny dark blue.