The many outfits of Joanna Dark
If you actually stop and look, it's amazing how many different outfits Joanna has in the game.  I have counted 10 different ones.  It's too bad that the programmers didn't spend their time on more important things, like the horrible frame rate!  I can hear the game designers now...  "Who cares if the game can slow down to 15 fps, Joanna has to look good!"  I realize that these pictures are less than average, but it will have to do.  I don't know what happened, i must have changed the setting without knowing it.
This is Joanna's combat uniform.  She wears it in most of the missions.  If you think about it, that thing has to be skin tight.  I'm surprised it doesn't rip when she is rolling around shooting guys.
This is a leather top with tight leather pants.  God, tight is certainly a trend in this game.
This one isn't that bad...  It is the snow gear, which she somehow puts on in the few seconds between the Air Force One mission and the Crash Site mission.  It only gets worn once. 
Here we see Joanna wearing a comfortable scientist uniform.  You only wear this in the Area 51 Rescue mission, where you have to trick all of the guards. 
Yes, I realize that Joanna's face looks like a man's in this picture.  I can't help it.  The scuba gear gets worn in the end of the Pelagic 2 and the whole Stealth Assault mission..
Joanna only wears the hostage negotiator outfit in the Carrington Villa level on Perfect Agent.  You only see this outfit for a few seconds.
A plain looking trench coat.  It must be a relief for Joanna to wear something like this after wearing short skirts and tight body suits...  Anyway, this is only work in the Chicago level. 
The stewardess outfit.  This is only worn on the Air Force level, when you rescue the president. 
The Party Frock is pretty neat looking.  It has some dragon design on it.  Anyway, Joanna only wears it during the Carrington Institute: Defense mission.
And lastly, the ripped party frock.  What I want to know, is what were those Skedar doing to her!?  And no, you can't see up it.  So don't bother.  You sicko.