Combat Simulator Scenarios
You have to beat the challenges to unlock these, check my challenges section for more informatin on this.
In game scenarios Submitted Scenarios

Free for all scenarios:

Combat-  A basic free for all game, nothing special, just a regular deathmatch.  The same as "normal" from Goldeneye.

Hold the Breifcase- You have to get a breifcase, and hold on to it for as long as possible, while everyone else in the game is trying to kill you and get the breifcase for themselves.  The Goldeneye equivilant to this is "Flag Tag."

Hacker Central- Everyone is competing to hack a computer.  You have to collect a re-programmer, then hack the computer, while the whole time everyone else is tryint to kill you and get the re-programmer.

Pop a Cap- This is one thta I haven't completely figured out.  The game selects one person, and everyone has to kill them.  I think you get two points for a kill if it is a headshot.  Not completely sure.

Team Scenarios:

King of the Hill- You have to find the "hill," which is just a portion of the level, and defend it from everyonefor 20 seconds.  Keep in mind that the timer only counts down if the hill has NO enemies on it.  If your enemies have the hill, try cloaking and staying in it!  It will baffle anyone!
Capture the Case- A capture the flag type game.  You have to run to your opponent's base, grab their suitcase, and rush back to your base before they can kill you.  Simple, right? Not when you have a whole team trying toget back their case! 1

Submitted Scenarios- all of them so far are by David Cochrane.

Celeb. Slaughter
WEAPONS:Falcon 2, MagSec4, DY357, CMP150, Shotgun, N-Bomb
(To make these sims, youíll have to look for a specific head)
G5 Guard(Shwartzenegger)
Joanna Artic (Brittany Spears) Velvet Head
CIA Agent (Inspector Gadjet)
FBI Agent (Mulder X-Files)
Diner Jacket 1 (Sean Connery)
Diner Jacket 2 (Roger Moore)
Diner Jacket 3 (Timothy Dalton)
Diner Jacket 4 (Pierce Brosnan) Trent Head
One hit hills on

M16 VS. CI
Arenas:Felicity(M16 Lobby) G5 Building(CI Base), Villa(CI Resort), Car Park(MI6 Warehouse)
Music:Recommended you use Solo mission music of best guess for Bondy music
WEAPONS(Each side brings their organizations weapons)
MI6ís donated weapons:
MagSec4(Walther P99)
CMP150(Meyer TMP)
CIís donated weapons:
Silenced Falcon 2
Sceniario: Combat, KOTH, Capture the Case
You will not be able to use all of these guys, just pick four from each list
Robertson(President, Last male black head)SpeedSim
M(Secretary, any female bleached hair)CowardSim
009(Trent Easton, any head)KazeSim
007(Any diner jacket, Any head that resembles the bonds)FeudSim
Cigar Girl(dataDyne female guard, dark hair)VengeSim
R(dataDyne Lab Tech. old guy head)CowardSim
Security(Office casual, or Presidential Security, any head)TurtleSim

Carrington(Reg. or Tux)CowardSim
Jonathon(CI Soldier, Area 51 Guard, Pilot)JudgeSim
Velvet(Any Jo costume)KazeSim
Technicitians(Any gender or head)Cowardsim

Pick sides with one side, but for whatever team you represent, remove one person to make it 4 on 4.

At LEAST one CowardSim is to be on each team.

Scenario:Capture The Case
Weapons:MagSec4(Enforcer) Farsight XR-20(Laser Rifle) Cyclone(ChainGun) NTG(Pulse Cannon) Slayer(Redeemer) Sniper Rifle(Umm, guess!)

Teams and sims, whatever, highlight teams ON.
Two Teams