Perfect Tricks

This section would include glitches, but thanks to a great job by Rare, there are none!  Or at least none have been  found yet.  So if you have a cool trick or glitch that you want to submit, send it to
Infinite Kills in Facility
Setup:  Fast animation on, make all weapons remote mines, 2 players, 8 meat sims.  Load you character as player 1.  Put all of the meat sims on play 2's team.  Start the game.  The second player has to start out in the small room outside of the Felicity.  Restart the level until you get this.  When he does, have him order all 9 meat sims to "save the case."  Then, with player 1, collect 10 remote mines, go to the room with the 8 meat sims, and plant the miens in the room.  Plant a few in that small room that player 2 started out in as well.  Then detonate the mines.  This will start a chain reaction that will go on indefinetly.  The sims regenerate, pick up the mines in the bathroom, and the explosions explode the mines, so it keeps going! 
Mess with dataDyne: Extraction cut-scene
Setup:  Marquis of Queensbury Rules on.  go through the level, and once you access the foyer elevator, and go up, go up one more floor.  Once you get out of the elevator, turn right, go down the hall, and go right again.  Kill both guards and get Cassandra's office keycard.  Go into it, and get the grenade.  Then, go back down to the bottom floor.  Go into the room that you have to place the ECM mine in in the first mission.  In there will be two of Cassandra's bodyguards, and Mr. Blonde!  You can shoot them, they are invincible.  If you have all guns on, throw knives at them, hit them with arrows, and they will stay for the cut-scene at the end!