Codes In Action

All of the codes on my page are neat and cool, but what they really do can be a little confusing.  So if you don't want to take the time to enter a code, only to not like it, take a look at this section, and find what you want!  Then, go back to the Gameshark code section, and get the code.
No textures, works on all levels.
Sideways guns.  Need a different code for each level!
This, is the Master Cheat Menu.  You can turn on tons of stuff at the touch of a button, on any level with this.  Look at the second column, on the bottom.  It goes Max Ammo, All Guns, Colisions, Visibility, Invincibility.  You can have those in any level, and in multi!  All guns multi!
Big guns. Works on all levels and multi.
Blood!  All levels and plyers in multi!
Control the plane take off in runway.  Make the plane take off whenever you want!