Run the Gualtlet

Weapons:  Runner gets a pistol, snipers get sniper rifles
Health:  runner +3, snipers normal
Players: more than 2

There is one runner, and the rest are snipers, who get the weapons with zooms, while the runner gets any pistol. Any linear level with a start and an end, good ones are full Facility, Archives, Caverns, Statue. The runner gets plus 2 health, and each sniper gets plus 1. The Snipers position themselves in the level, and must stay stationary. They each try to pick off the runner as he goes by. The runner has to get from the beginning to the end of the level, any way they want, without stopping, and of course without getting killed.

The Klobberers

Weapons:  Klobbs for 2, sniper rifles for 2
Health: +3 for Klobberers, -3 for Sniper riflers
Players: 4
Other stuff:  Put a Klobb and a Sniper rifle on each team. 

This one is interesting because the Klobb is useless at long range, and the Sniper Rifle is useless at short range.  So if you manage to catch someone with the other weapon off guard, depending on the distancfe, you have an easy kill, or they do!  So you have to have good teamwork, to protect your friend when you get attacked.

The Men In Black.
Weapons: Lasers for MIB, any other weapon for Aliens
Health:  Aliens get -5
Players: 2-4,
Other Stuff:  The MIB is on one team and the Aliens are on the other team. Only ONE MIB, even if it is 3 on 1. Choose Bond for the MIB agent, and use the 2 or 3  of the same character to get 2 Siberian Special Forces to be the Aliens.

So before the game starts, One of the Aliens has to go through the level and get a laser.  He can't use it, though.  Then, the MIB has to go through and find which alien stole the top secret laser, by killing them and checking.  He can use only pistols. The aliens can use KF7s.  The game is up to 5 kills.  The Aliens have to work together to kill the MIB 5 times before he fiinds the laser and fries some alien @$$.

Capture The Flag
Weapons:  Any
Health:  equal for all players
Payers: 4
Other Stuff:  Play in a level with small rooms, that can act as the bases.  The Libray is good, so is Facility.  Caverns is ok, if you are playing the full level.

There isn't really a flag, but if there is a gun in one of the bases, it can act as the "flag."  Facility works good, the bathroom and one of those rooms at the end of the level make good bases.  So you have to get into your opponent's base, grab the "flag," and get back to your own base.  Keep score.  It is fun because if one guy goes into a base, and gets both of the other guys chase him out, the last guy can go in unopposed!

The President's Assassination
Weapons:  Any
Health:  +3 for the Prez, -3 for the Assassins
Players:  3-4
Other Stuff:  Play this in a long level.  Caverns is good, so is Full facility or Full archives. 

To start out, one person is the President.  Choose Mishkin for them, he looks like the president type.  Then, one player is a secret service agent.  He has to protect the president.  The rest of the people are assassins.  So the president and the Secret Service agent start out in the beginning of the level.  The assassins position the level.  When the President comes around, the assassins can attack, but they can only use ONE CLIP.  He can have more than one gun, though.  Then they have to use slapper.  This gives time for the Secret Service agent to shoot them up!  So try to get the president to the end of the level.  And if the secret service agent gets killed, the president can take the guns from his body and used them, but he can't get more ammo.