Multi Player Awards

You all know what they are. But do you know what they mean?  With this section, you can learn how to avoid the bad awards, and earn the good ones.

Blue = good award   red = bad award   green = could be either
Most Professional-  You wasted no time getting kills, and fought cleanly.

Most Honorable-  You played fairly.  You didn't shoot unarmed people, or shoot people in the back.

Most Deadly- You got the most kills, and were the winner of the match.
Longest Inngings-You stayed alive for the longest, letting peoplescore few kills on you.

Marksmanship Award-  You had good aim, and most of your shots hit their target
Double Kill-  Killed 2 people at the same time or reeally close together.
Triple kill-  Killed all of the other players within a few seconds.  Very difficult to get.
AC - 10 Award-  You got lots of body armor.  The AC-10 is from an RPG that some of the programmers played.  AC means "armor class," and minus (-) 10 is the best you can get.

Quad Kill-  Killed everyone,including yourself. Almost impossible to get.  D'oh!
Where's the Ammo?-  Not very much ammo was picked up by you.  Not a bad thing, if you make every shot count.

Where's the Armor?-  You didn't get very much armor.   Advanced players try to go for this.
Most Frantic-  You ran around a lot.  Doesn't mean you ran away, just were hard to hit.  Not a bad award, actually.

Most Cowardly-  You didn't get many kills, but you didn't get killed a lot.  You just ran away from the action.

Mostly Harmless-  You got killed easily, didn't put up much of a fight, got few kills.
Most Dishonorable-  You shot unarmed people, you shot people in the back, you camped, you're loser if you get this.
Lemming Award-  You commited suicide more than anyone else.
Shortest Innings-  You didn't last long between being killed.