Goldeneye Oddities
(weird stuff)
Ever seen sometihng in Goldeneye 007 that made you go "Huh!?"  Send it to me!  I am looking for ltos of weird things like that.

Invisibility- Are you really invisible?
When you have invisibility on, some guards are completely oblivious to your presance.  They don't know that you are there.  Like the guard in the first picture.  He walked right by me.  And that's how it should be, right?  Well, it's not.  Some guards are very aware of your presance.  They will even aim at you!  But they won't fire.  Like the second picture.  The first guard is aiming at me, while the rest of the guards dont even know i'm there!

Bond has two different heads?
This is pretty strange.  Ons ome missions, Bond has a sort of realistic looking head, but when he has the tux on, he has a head that has shiney hair!  Strange!  Is this part of all bonds?  Why would they give the same sharacter two different heads?  You don't erally notice this, because you don't really see Bond's head that often.  But I noticed this in the cut scenes.

Two different body armors?
I noticed this when I wasi n the Depot, because there are about 5 mody armors in that level.  This is kind of weird.  Most people go through the game without realizing this, but there are two very different sets of body armor.  The one on the left is more of a vest, while the one on the right is just a plate of armor.  The vest one gives you a full bar of armor, while the plate one only gives you half.

Left handed guards?
Here is oneof the strangest things.  Some of the guards in the game hold their guns left handed, while most of the other hold them right handed.  I managed to get a picture of left and right handed guards in this one picture.  But that's not all with the right and left handed guards...Alec Trevelyan.  He actually switches hands between the Control and Caverns levels.  Don't believe me?  Look at the pictures I have taken.  Besides switching guns, he goes from left handed, to right handed! What a tricky guy!  Was this right and left handed thing going to play a bigger part in the beta version?  Or is it just some preogrammers habing fun?  Who knows?  But Rare really screwed up on this one.