Multi Player Scenarios

This section lists the scenarios in the order that they are in the game, and it tells you how to do really good in each one.  Once you finish reading this section, you will be invincible!  Hahaha!  not really, but you will be significantly better.

A basic deathmatch.  Free for all, no teams, nothing special.  This is always fun to play.  Makes the best use of the time and kill limits.  Try to catch people when they are alone, so there isn't any interference in killing them.  And try not to stand around.  Constaltly stay on the move, this will give you a better chance at catching somebody off guard.

You Only Live Twice:
The same as Normal, but you only get to regenerate one time, for a total of two lives.  Hence the name.  This is kind of a waste, they couldhave just put in a 2 death limit, but i guess they wanted to use the movie title in the game somehow.  I have only played this once, when i first got the game, to try it out.  Use the same strategy from Normal, its basically the same thing.

The Living Daylights (flag tag):
This is a pretty fun scenario, especially with 4 players.  You must capture a flag, and keep it as long as possible, while the other peopletry to kill you and take the flag for themselves.  If you are going in for a kill of the flag carrier, make sure you are in close!  They don't have a gun, so there's nothing to be afraid of.  And if you are too far away, someboddy else can swoop in and take the flag after you kill the person.  Remeber, everyone is after the same thing.

The Man With The Golden Gun:
This is a fun scenario.  It is like a 3 on 1 match, but the teams are always changing.  The golden gun can kill with a single shot, butit only has a 1 round clip, you you have to have good aim.  And if you are trying to kill the golden gunner, just strafe around them using C-right and C-left.  They will have one hell of a hard time killing you, meanwhile you are blasting away at their head.

License to Kill:
In this scenario, one shot kills, with any weapon.  A lot of people like this, but I really don't.  It completely wrecks the game.  It makes the power factor of each gun completely irrelevant.  So a gun that you wouldn't normally use becomes a good gun.  The Klobb is good with License to Kill!  You can rack up lots of kills with a Klobb.  The magnum, a normally good gun, is horrible with LTK, because of its firing rate.  So use a gun that can fire fast.  PP7, DD44.  Don't bother aiming for the head, just go for anywhere on the body.  A shot to the small toe is fatal.

Team- 2 on 2:
This is a fair game, assuming the players are all at the similar skill levels.  You should probably navigate the level with your partner, so that you can double team your opponents.  With two people firing at them, they won't last long.  And sniping is much more fun with two people.  One person can hide out in an area, so when an enemy comes, you shoot at them, they duckaround a corner, and your friend is in that corner, waiting to blast them!  And communicating with your partner is vital.  Use commands like "come here"or "set up" are great for confusing your opponents.  Suddenly screaming "NOW!!"  keeps your opponents on edge...

Team- 2 on 1, and 3 on 1:
Ahh, the handicap matches.  I usually play one of these when the person that is alone has increased health or a powerful weapon, so they are harder to kill.  A 2 on 1 match is not impossible to win, if you are good.  Be careful of traps, and try to get your enemies when they are alone.  If you have two guys firing on you, you are in trouble.  Either move around a lot, and be a difficult target, or get good shots in.  Or if you are very lucky, try to get your opponents to shoot each other!  In a dark area, this is possible.