Goldeneye Beta:
The Spyder
Everyone who read the instruction manual wonders what the Spyder is.  Most think it is the beta name for the Klobb.  That isn't completly right, though.  Skorpion was the beta name for the gun.  Spyder was going to be the name for the gun in the final version of the game.  But it didn't work out that way.

Want to know what is left of the Spyder?  Here.  This is it.  The word "Spyder" appears in the instructio nmanual instead of Klobb.  You cannot unlock the Spyder in the game, it is not the gun o nthe back of the box.  This is it, right here.

Now, you probably want to know why it was changed.  Right?  Well, here is a small piece of an interview with Ken Lobb, the person who the Klobb was named after.  This interview is from

And that's all there is to it.  Hope this put your mind to rest about the Spyder.