The Hidden Level:

Crate Yard


 This is a completely hidden level in TWINE, accessable only by Gameshark. It is believed that this was a training level of some sort, that was used to tweak the controls of the game. There are lots of boxes and crates to climb on and jump around on. The original code for this level was hacked for PAL by Krusha, and was ported by SubDrag.   That code is:

80102EDF 0008

Another code that you might want is the moon jump code for this level. Credit for this one goes to Goldenboy, and his site, Bond Station.

D00E0778 0008
813AF37C 3FF0

Now, for the screenshots:

The Crate Yard is just a very, VERY large open room. It has a ton of crates and boxes to climb on, hence the name. With all of these places to hide in, this would have made a really great multi player level.

One strange detain is that one whole side of the Crate Yard is a series of huge doors. Was there going to be an expansion to the level? Was something going to come through here?

One thing that really stood out were these things in the corner. They are in two of the room's 4 corners. They sort of look like lights. But they aren't really fastened to the wall, they are just floating in the air.

Now, the last strange thing about this level is the sky. The sky only apprears over the where the level is, it doesnt extend out like most normal skys do... Is this just because the level was never finished? I have no idea here.