You see, no game is perfect. The World Is Not Enough is no exception. There are things here and there that are bugs in the game, the programers missed, or they were too small for them to spend the time on to fix. Here is a collection of those weird things left in the game. And of course, if you have discovered a glitch that I don't have here, please tell me.

Weird looking hand:

In multi player, take a female character and exotic weapons. Take out some sticky grenades, and take a look at your hand! Part of your wrist will be missing. And if you aim, and move your sight down, a piece of your arm will be sticking up.

Walk through walls glitch:

Select the policeman for you multiplayer charcter, the guy in the yellow outfit. There is a black guy and a white guy, take the black guy. When you are multi player, you will be able to run into walls, and go into them! If it is a pillar or something thin, you can run clear through it without even stopping. If the wall is deep, you can completely hide yourself in it, and nobody will be able to see you.

See to the end of Night Watch:

When you start out in the level Night Watch, just turn around, and look at the wall with the x-ray glasses. You will be able to see through the wall outside at the car and shack that are at the end of the level. How strange is it that the very end of the level is only about 30 feet from the start?

This glitch gets even stranger! I was playing through this level for fun, and I finally got to the end. I decided to try and see if I could see the start of the level from the end, because you can see the end from the start. I looked at the building, but I couldn't see any of the detail in there. Then, I turned around, and saw the starting room. Then, I turned off the X-ray glasses to see... Nothing! The room is invisible from the end of the level! How strange is that?

This glitch was submitted by both Eileen Hilsdorf and 007: The World Is Not Enough

Bypass objectives E and F in King's Ransom:

Those stupid guards, whenever you go past them, they stick you with something to do. "James, activate the manual override! James, activate the sprinklers!" But, there is a way to get these guys to shut up! When you are about to pass them, just take out your watch stunner, and zap them! Make sure you get them good, so they are stunned for a while. Then, you can get their .44 ammo, and run right past them, so they can't give you more objectives! You can still complete the mission without these objectives!

Gabor can walk on water:

When playing through the Night Watch level with some Gameshark codes on that keep the level from ending when you fail, I found this weird glitch. If you are spotted by Gabor, and he is standing next to the pool, he can strafe right on top of it for a little bit. But if you shoot him, he sinks to the bottom.

Glitch found by

Additional objective skip:

In Courrier, you are given a bunch of stun darts. If you use one of these darts on the gaurd in the safety deposit room, you get a message saying "Mission Failed." But if you go and collect the contents of the safety deposit box, and exit the level, you will get credit for completing the level! Take a look at the screenshots. The first one was taken using the glitch. Only 2 objectives completed, on 00Agent, and it still says the mission is complete! The second one has objectives A-F done, and it also has the mission completed.

Glitch submitted by Malinda D Kordell

Click here to download a movie of this glitch (300k)

Underground Uprising timer trick:

This isn't really a glitch, but more of a trick. Remember in the movie Goldfinger, when Sean Connery stopped the nuclear detonation timer at exactly 0:07? Well, try doing this with the bomb timer in Underground Uprising. You will be greated with R saying "Oh, well done, Mr. Bond."