The World is Not Enough Multi Player

This new section focuses on the multi player in The World is Not Enough.  Right now, this sectino is riduculously small, so if you come across something that I don't have, feel free to send it to me.  And of course, as more pictures are released, this section will grow.  New pics have green captions.

Here's some general multi player information.  Instead of the weapons and ammo just regenerating, they fall from the sky on parachutes.  There is also a level which doesn't have any pictures right now, it is a giant maze.  But the maze is made of hedges!  (bushes, trees)  There is also an urban level, which doesn't have any pictures either.
This Picture is an underground level.  As you can see, the radar is in the game, and the armor and health bars are always displayed on screen.  What i thought was weird is that the players don't have guns out, but when they appear when the players look at each other. This is the same level as the other picture.  Look at the bottom half of the first pic, you will see those same two computer screens.  Some sort of control room.   Again, the players don't have any guns out.
Here's a good old 4 player deathmatch.  Take a look at that outside level.  Lots of neat things in this level. Well, we never got Surface in multi player in Goldeneye, but this is pretty close!  I think this is a ski place, look at the lift in the background.
This picture is a little hard to read, but its is still pretty neat.  Its the setup screen for a multi player game.  This picture is from Here is a blurry picture from  Its a 3 player match in the Hidden Volcano level.  I can't make out very much here.