Single Player Tips

Ammunition: Bullets are a lot more scarce than in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Getting 2 or 3 bullets from a guy is very common. But there are some things you can do to make the most of your ammo.

1. Shoot them before they see you. If you can kill them before they can see you, and more importantly shoot at you, you will get the most ammo. You will get between 10 and 15 bullets if you get a stealth kill.

2. Wait for them to reload. Although this won't get you as many bullets as a stealth kill, this will still get you more than average. You normally get up to 10 bullets if you wait for them to reload.

3. Use the watch taser. It is boring to use, and nowhere near as fun as shooting them, but the stunner can get you a lot more bullets. The enemy quickly drops their gun, so they can't use any of the bullets on you. In addition, they will pull out a P99 once they are over the stunning, which you can also take, for some extra 9mm bullets.

4. Use up the whole clip. This is the hardest thing to get used to. Let's say you just shot a guy, and you are using a Deutsche M45, with 10 bullets left in the clip. If you pick up the guy's ammo, you will get about 6 bullets MAX. You could end up with only 1 or 2. So you will have between 11-16 bullets in the end. But if you shoot all your bullets, and throw the gun away, THEN pick up the new one, how many shots you have? 25. You always get a full clip when you pick up a new gun. Always. So if you waste your remaining ammo, you will end up with more. Very strange. But if you have extra ammo, don't do this, you only get a full clip if you don't have the gun in your inventory. This WILL work if you have another gun that uses the same ammunition, though.


1. Enemies that crouch down are the most annoying, because you can't adjust your vertical aim, and the auto aim doesn't aim down like that. And in 00 Agent, there isn't any auto aim at all, so it's even harder to hit these guys. The obvious strategy here is to just use the manual aim. But if you don't quickly strafe to the side, you will get shot. But if you do strafe, you have to aim at the guy while moving, which is difficult. But if a guy crouches, and you kneel down too, the auto aim will train your gun at him, and you can shoot him without a problem! This is overlooked by a lot of people.

2. Save the armor! Armor always fills your blue bar up all the way, there are no half armors like in Goldeneye. So if you don't need it, don't get it! If you have no armor at all, you should of course get it, but if you are at about a quarter or more armor, don't get it just yet! Keep advancing throuh the level, clear out some more guys, and when you take more damage, go back and get the armor, then advance with full. It is definetly a hassle, and if you are lazy you won't do this, but making the most of your armor will help you out a lot.