NEWS 07.01.99
Dear diary, today I finally updated the page. I completely redid the models page. Well maybe not completely. I left a few things blank. My apologies for any defeciencies. I'll be fixing them soon (really!)

I also fixed the link to the guestbook. You now should be able to view it without signing. I hope.

NEWS 05.10.99
Dear diary, I an a big fat SLACKER! Wow, I havent updated in almost 2 months. Well, actually, I recently started a new job, so 'free time' has become a rare commodity....

Look for a pretty big update soon as about 4 new fem models have been released since my last update (including MY first modelling attempt!) but for now, let me put up a long over due link to Wonderland a nice model site run by Wondergirl!!! (sorry this took so long for me to put up!)

NEWS 03.16.99
Dear dairy, I made a skin for the Iron Maiden model, called Eve (you know, the one woth the snake and the apple?) You can look at the picture here, or jump over to the files section to download the zip.
NEWS 03.07.99
Dear dairy, today brings us a link to SkinDeep, a really great skin repository, as well as a new set of skins on the files page for the little-loved Rapaza model (I thought she needed to put on some clothes.) Also, I just noticed that all the dates on my updates have the year 1998 in the date. OOPSIE gotta fix that.
NEWS 03.04.99
Dear dairy, this new link has nothing to do with Quake, but I like the name of the song. I should warn you, it will take 7 years to download this page. Please be patient. (By the way, I would like to point out that it's not easy to keep your eye still with your head stuck in a flatbed scanner.)
NEWS 03.01.99
Dear diary, there's another Sailor Moon model out, check her out on themodels page. I was so excited, I even meed a skin for her, located on thefiles page.
NEWS 02.28.99
Dear diary, today I made a skin of Princess Leia for the Yohko model, located on thefiles page. Also, I am proud to say, my hit counter has surpassed the 1000-click mark! Thanks to everyone who's visited!
NEWS 02.11.99
Dear diary, today Chaos Comics released their Quake model contest winners for download, so I got rid of the ugly "coning soon" on the models page and put up the pictures! I think Purgatori is one of my new favorites.
I also put up a one new postcard picture.
NEWS 02.10.99
Dear diary, today I added the fRo_DeaTh_bAttLe server to the server page for a special little fRo. 
NEWS 02.09.99
Added two more postcards which are animated. whoopeee. 
NEWS 02.08.99
Added a few more Postcards and uploaded a version of "The Titanic Love Theme" I found while surfing around. It's 2 megs in RA format, and you can find it on the files page. 
NEWS 02.05.99
Want to send a Quake-themed valentine? (or just a regular greeting) Today I put in one of those cheezy electronic postcard pages. I am still working on it, I need to do a bunch more pictures, but it's got lots of 80's midis to listen to. Whooo-EEEE.   
NEWS 02.03.99
I decided today to be all professional-like, and put in this "news" section, in order to log in any updates large and small I might do to the page, so that visitors don't have to dig around so much.  
So... my latest addition is the Komic Kat model by Chris Watson and Steve Irvine on the models page. I am quite impressed with how good she looks, Kat is definitely worth checking out. 

Also, the word is that the Sailor Moon model by Nick Cureton has been re-released at the Q2PMP, so if you have a buggy version of her, you might want to go re-download her.  

Other recent additions: 

I threw up a server monitering-type page, using the Q2plug, for no other reason than all the other sites seem to have one, and I wanted to be supercool too. I have no idea what I'm doing with it, so if it looks wrong, let me know. You'll find it by clicking the pink mini-van on the links page.

The last few models I added... Sailor Moon, and a trio of Superdeformed Neon Genesis mechs. (Although one of these giant robots is piloted by a boy, according to the readme file, in the anime series the mech itself is considered to be feminine, so I guess it can technically be grouped with the other female models)