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The Crew of Binary Systems
(l to r) Greg Johnson, Alec Kercso, Bob Gonsalves, T.C. Lee, Rod McConnell

The crew of Binary Systems... developers of what is still seen by some to be the greatest space adventure game ever devised.  At least four of the original five now volunteer their time as consultants to the SF III project.

Starflight Box
This is what Starflight looked like in the stores. This particular packaging was used for the PC version. Starflight was also released for the Amiga, the Commodor 64, the Atari ST, the Mac, and the Sega Genesis! Since then, people have continued to enjoy this game on modern PC's by using programs that slow down their processors (e.g. Slowmo) and/or emulate DOS (e.g. Dosemu for Linux).

 Starflight II Title Screen
This is the title screen in Starflight II. Boy, you knew you were in for a treat when you heard the PC-speaker sound effects that went along with it. Speaking of sound effects, if your browser is capable of background music, you may be already hearing the pc-speaker theme song from Starflight I (it loads at the end of the page)! Sorry about the crappy quality... had to keep it small. Speaking of title screens, go here to see some 're-vamped' Starflight 1 title screens done by fan Nathan Ostgard.

Starflight I Starport Starflight II Starport
Screen shots from the respective starports of Starflight and Starflight II. The former was only playable with a CGA or Monochrome card (no kidding... you need a special TSR to play the old version with a VGA card... see 'staremu.zip' below).
Starmap from Starflight I Starmap from Starflight II
The Starflight I map. Most people's copies are marked up with all the fluxes that they have found during their game-play. Cyberius Teaser has made printer friendly version (360k) of the SF I map for everyone to enjoy. Also, see Chris Carr's 3D enhanced versions: top (161Kb) & isometric (127Kb). The Starflight II map. This copy protection scheme was even useful in the game... how often does that happen? Kevin Coyle has provided this map in .bmp format (74k) for everybody to use.
The Starflight III project have had an army of volunteers survey the Starflight I and II universes and with the results have produced a highly detailed, interactive map available on the web here. Read more below about the Starflight III project.

Original Starflight 5.25 Disks
Can you believe both games came on 5.25" disks? In fact, the whole SF1 universe fit on to two 360K disks! We are not worthy!

Many, many Interstel captains have visited since we opened in February 1996!
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Having problems? Check out our list of known Starflight bugs... maybe you're not alone!
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If all those sleepless nights didn't work and you never did finish Starflight or Starflight II, try downloading the walkthrough! (Walkthrough?! F@!#! I could have used that a couple years ago!) The following list contains not only walkthroughs, but also hint files (if you want just a teeny bit of help), bug fixes and cracks. Some of them contain slightly inaccurate information, but I have kept them as they are out of respect for the authors.


As can be seen by some of the comments in the userlog, it's a bit difficult to find vintage copies of Starflight or Starflight II if you want to buy them. Try searching the Ebay auction site for copies of starflight.  If that seems too hard, just visit other sites in the following links section.  While you'll come across downloadable versions, you just won't get the great box, manuals and maps that came with the store-bought copies.

The saga continues! Other fanatics have started putting up their own Starflight fan pages. Here are a couple (mail me if you have one):

Since starflight inspired a good number of people's interest in computer gaming, it is not surprising that it has driven some to create computer games of their own.  Here are some Starflight-inspired software projects currently under development:

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