This here's a TV ad for the game "The Adventures of Bayou Billy", shown before the game first came out.

This ad is really amazing. In this ad, the game gets pitched to us by a kind of stringy Crocodile Dundee wannabe who, while telling us how awesome the game is, is busy wrestling a giant rubber alligator, which has the odd habit of turning into a real alligator whenever Bayou Billy isn't in the shot. The ad ends with Billy about waist deep in the jaws of the alligator, but even at the throes of death, he feels a deep urge to tell the viewer how good his game is. Amazing!

Here are the words:

Wait 'til you get yore hands on Konami's new video game - starring me...that rajon' Cajun...Bayou Billy! For the first time ever, Konami combines hand-to-hand combat...with drivin' and shootin...and of course zappin' one swamp-stompin' adventure!

The Adventures of Bayou Billy - for Nintendo.

It all starts when I get out this here swamp. You really gettin' me riled now!

And here's a WAV file of the commercial! Listen to it while you view the pics below!

Bayou Billy

Still having trouble with the gator

Coming Soon

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