Master Higgins Versus Bayou Billy

This is a little humorous thing I discovered at The NES Fights! It's hysterical!


     Whoa! Higgins came out with a whole bunch of axe's at Billy! What a cheat! Bayou came here for a man's fight, not this!

     Hey! Looks like Bayou is gonna give Higgin's a fight!

     Well Higgin's is on the floor begging for mercy, but...Uh-oh! Here come's Higgin's Slaves/Animals and his girl!

Higgins: "Take this fool out, you idiotic curr's! Don't forget who your master is! I own you, Bitch!"

Jeannie Jungle: "We're sick of your bullshit, so it's time we got rid of you, fat boy!"


Bayou: "Whoa..."

     Whoa... That was pretty freaking brutal!

Jeannie Jungle: "Tee-hee!"

Bayou Billy: "Burn in hell!"

     Yeah! Send that chump back to hell! I had no idea what an asshole he was!

"And the winnah is... Bayou Billy"

Jeannie Jungle: "So... wanna team up cutie?"

Bayou Billy: "Sure"

    And so began a beautiful relationship... of course Higgins didn't think it was too beautiful... but then again, he wasn't thinking much of anything anymore.

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