"The Adventures of Bayou Billy" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in June of 1989. That's it. One game. I think it's time we fans got another game. A game on a newer system would be awesome, as long as it stays in the original format: 3-D overhead platform stages, driving stages, and shooting stages. The game could be released on the Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, or the PC. Also, the original game (with updated graphics, sound, and play control) could be included as a bonus!

So, here's the plan. I've set up an online petition for us to sign. When I get enough signatures, I'm gonna e-mail the list to Konami. Please be polite when typing your comments, and please sign the petition only once.

Help bring Billy back!

Read the comments of those who have already signed

This online petition has been made possible by Dreambook

On Tuesday, December 8, 1998, at night, I posted a message on the Konami Bulletin Board for the first time. I mentioned this site and gave the URL. I also mentioned this petition and asked people to sign it if they want a new game. Check out the message board and add your own messages of support for a new game. Maybe Konami will notice. As for myself, I'll be checking the message board to see how much support there is for a new game.

If there is any news about a new Bayou Billy game, you'll find it on this site!

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