The 'Victor Is An Idiot' Section

I've heard some rumors regarding Captain N. All of these I heard from a 7th grader in the 1995-96 school year, when I was a senior in high school. The kid, whose name is Victor Athey, sat next to me on the school bus. Anyway, he lied a lot to me, so I wouldn't take these things he told me very seriously. =)

Rumor # 1: There was an earlier series of Captain N before 1989. It consisted first of a pilot, which Victor calls the "Silver Series", where Simon is drawn like he is in the games. Then, the pilot was redone because it was too hard to draw Simon like that for every episode, so they switched to the Simon with the goggles and backpack. The "first series" consisted of 150 episodes! On the last episode, Kevin goes back home, and his memory of Videoland is erased. So is the rest of the N Team's. They have absolutely no memory of Kevin. Then, later on, came the "second series", the series we're all familiar with. One of the episodes of this "first series" was called "Coming Together". In it, Kevin and Lana fall in love and make out at the end of the episode. There was a second part to this episode, but I forgot what Victor said the title was. Kevin introduces the holiday of Thanksgiving to his friends. The episode involves Simon, a turkey, a toilet, and Mega Man using a plunger. Sorry, I can't remember the details. Victor claims that the "first series" was being shown in reruns on weekday afternoons on ABC, which Victor says is delivered to his house commercial-free.

Rumor # 2: The series that aired on NBC from 1989 to 1992 was edited. Victor claims he taped all of the episodes off of Showtime, and that each episode was a few minutes longer.

Rumor # 3: In 1993, there was a mini-series called "Captain N and the Game Crusaders". It consisted of one five-part episode called "The Phoenix Saga". It occurs years later. Kevin and Lana get married, Duke is old, and Simon (drawn as he is in the games) is killed. The N Team, while trying to find out who killed Simon, meets a new scientist. Lana volunteers to have one of her hands removed, to be replaced by a weapon. She gets a cannon that can shoot out stars. Lana thinks Kevin will want to divorce her now that she has only one hand, but Kevin says he still loves her, and they remain together.

Rumor # 4: There will be an upcoming Captain N movie in the theaters. It won't be related to the TV show. The storyline, according to Victor, goes like this: Kevin (played by a guy named Michael Lawrence) and Duke get pulled into Videoland fifteen minutes into the movie. They're not cartoons. Rather, they are still real-life, while everyone around them is animated.

Rumor # 5: The comic books were a blend of the "old" and "new" TV series, adding stuff from both.

The Fans' Responses

Paul Lunga says: "Well, as for the 'Phoenix Saga' thing, there was a five-part series of about the same name for the X-Men series; your liar friend may be confused. The thing with Captain N sounds like a load of crap. Captain N may have been around earlier, because I remember watching it very early on, but it always had the Simon that we know and love. And 100+ seems a bit optimistic considering the constraints for 'seasons' I was never aware that they showed the cartoon on Showtime."

Giggas says: "Well I stumbled upon your website, and read your rumors - all of which I think are fake. The reasons? Well, there never was an 'early' Captain N series, simply for the fact that the Mario Show and Captain N aired nearly at the same time. Both shows were talked about in an issue of Nintendo Power. As for the saga thing with Simon dying, it's really not true at all. They could not kill anyone off in that show simply for the fact that Simon is still alive. Also the excuse for saying they couldn't draw Simon good in the other series isn't true. That show had a lot of problems. Simon looked like a pilot, Mega Man was green, and Kid Icarus' name isn't that. His name is really Pit. Also the art quality wasn't very good. I think the main problem was they didn't feel like making Simon right. Either that or they only had the rights for his name. Maybe they weren't allowed to make him look like the game."

Matthew says: "The earlier series is probably a load, and as for the movie thing, if it ever was true has crashed and burned by now."

Nicholas Pinto says: "I've never seen the 'earlier episodes' Victor talked about."

John Lau says: "Being quite knowledgable about Nintendo, let me confirm your rumors.
Rumor 1: False
Rumor 2: False, and hilarious!
Rumor 3: Um, yeah, whatever.
Rumor 4: Tell your friend that he is a f***in' loser! Sheesh!"

Smokey says: "Your Victor friend is passing a load of bull. I only read a couple of the comics, which had nothing in them but stuff relating to series we all know and love. And what the heck is this Showtime crap? The show never came on Showtime. Showtime doesn't even show cartoons but .111% of their schedule and even then, they are cartoon movies. Your friend, Victor, needs to get a life and stop lying about Captain N!!!!!!!!!"

Top Man says: "That thing about an earlier Captain N show is a bunch of crap!! How could there be 150 episodes in only two years? The Nintendo system came out in 1987, so how could that be possible? It can't!!! About the movie, it could be true but I really doubt it. Most people, I hate to admit, don't even remember Captain N, so what would be the use of making a movie? Sure, there are lots of fans of Cap. N like you and I, but do you think they'd really make a movie for a few people? Doubt it."

Mike Radon says: "Can you tell something to Victor? Okay, here's the message: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! First off, I don't think Captain N was on Showtime. Second, if Nintendo didn't show blood till 1994, I don't see making out in one of their cartoons. Third, yeah Simon did die IN THE GAME (In Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, Simon Belmont died shortly after his adventure. Every other game he was in, he was reborn.)!!!!! Fourth, I missed the first episode but I saw everything else. There was no earlier series. I've met your type, Victor. I don't like you. Fifth, Captain N movie, WRONG. I'm sorry but if someone who's not on the inside knows this, don't you think the magazines would know more. I subscribe to a magazine called Game Informer. They tell me about all upcoming game movies. Captain N. No."

Tweeg says: "I got a great idea for you. You should make a petition and get a whole lot of people to sign it and send it to Nintendo so Nintendo will make a Captain N game. That would be cool, and when you beat the game, you see the N Team beat the crap out of Victor for lying about Captain N!"

Jeferson M. "Lion Blade" Soler says: "I for one have to agree with all the other fans as I believe these rumors to be absurd and pathetic. This Victor guy is one of those people that try to look cool, but all he accomplished is to show how much of a liar he is. As an animation student, I grew up watching cartoons since I was in Brazil, and I moved here in 1984 during the Atari era, so it is safe to say that Captain N series only came to existence when NES became big. There never was any other series before or after the three seasons of Captain N, but there were other videogame cartoons before Captain N, like Dragon's Lair and Saturday Super Arcade. I do wish however I could get my hands on DiC for three reasons: 1. To bring back Captain in a whole revamped animation format as well as with Samus and the real Simon Belmont; 2. For screwing up Sailor Moon; and 3. For messing up one episode of the first season of Captain N. On the note of the third reason, the second rumor is only 98% false as I have watched all episodes of Captain N since it started and noticed that DiC did the Bayou Billy episode in two different formats (DiC must have their track derailed when they did that just to make the cartoon episode fit the 30 min. slot); otherwise, the second rumor sounds more like that Victor was talking about Highlander: The Series. On the final note, Victor should know the difference between Highlander and Captain N!"

Adam Stout says: "First of all, I feel that your friend is a big fat LIAR!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen every episode of Captain N and have most of them on tape. Don't you think it sounds a little weird that they would have Simon dying. When Kevin killed monsters with his Zapper, they just disappeared with no blood, so I don't think they would kill anybody. Last of all, don't get me wrong, because I'm a Captain N lover like all the rest of you, but a movie on Captain N - ha! Why after all this time would they bring it back? Half of the people wouldn't know what it was."

Gt0351b says: "I don't know how I stumbled upon your rumors page, but I'm glad I did. That thing is hilarious. I still can't believe you would put something like that on the web. Did this Victor guy really come up with this stuff, or did you really create all of that? The idea of Kevin and Lana making out, or that Thanksgiving episode with the plunger and toilet had me on the floor laughing."

Steve Cronen says: "Oh my lord! Those are hilarious! When I read the words 'Phoenix Saga', I right off the bat thought of the X-Men series."

Danyal Herder says: "As much as I would like to believe it, I doubt there will be a movie of Captain N. Like Top Man said, we're just a small band of people trying to expand Captain N. Even if executives found we were growing, why would they even bother to make a movie about a show that's been practically dead for 5 years? I want it to be true as much as everyone here. But any chance is slipping away fast."

MegaMan333 says: "I think your friend was telling you how he thought the show should have been. I used to do that about things. But I never went far enough to say there was an earlier series. Something like that would prove I was lying. Either that or I was the only one who saw this mysterious early series. It's not poor little Victor's fault. He was just telling you how he thought the show should have been. He probably even told that story to himself so much that he believed it."

Ducklock says: "Victor is FUUULLLLLLL of crap! That's all I gotta say."

Allan Porter says: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! Oh, and as for the "Coming Together" episode, you wish."

Adam K. Roberts says: "Victor is an idiot! The X-Men did the Phoenix Saga. In Mario RPG, Geno has a gun on his hand that shoots out stars. Simon has never died, unless you get the weird ending on CastleVania 2. As for Kevin and Lana making out, he's nuts! Nintendo raised controversy from the CastleVania 2 cover of Nintendo Power with a severed head and a cow's heart. It was evil back then. No one ever made out in a Nintendo game. Victor is nuts."

Mandi Paugh says: "Hey there, found your rumors page. ^_^ I can't speak for anything else but...It is possible for shows to be cut. I have watched Captain N on several stations and have noticed some stations showing versions that are missing a few seconds here and there. (When you know the show well enough, these things stick out like sore thumbs.) This is apparently done by the station in order to fit more commercials in the 30 minute time slot. I can't say how much may have been cut--it's possible even the fullest versions I've seen were edited some--but really, it's not that big of a deal, since this happens to most cartoon series. (And Sailor Moon wasn't edited that badly--I've seen most of the Japanese versions, and with few exceptions, the English ones aren't really all that far off.)"

phifey says: "I don't think Showtime ever showed the Captain N series. If they did then why was it also on ABC at the same time? This is one of the better sections I've seen in a long time."

James Holden says: "Hey, that stuff's a bunch of bull! I know the so-called Phoenix Saga is from X-Men, and that there is no such 'First Series'. I would think that if so many people liked Captain N enough to go on your web site, then at least one would have heard of a 'First Series'."

Fenreal says: "Let's see here. This guy Victor, he must have been really wasted when he said that stuff to you. Because I think we all know it's a crock of bull."

Jason Hall says: "'Fraid your friend, Victor, shot you the bull. But after reading all the other responses, I guess you know that by now ^_^. True, he's a liar, and a creative one to boot (except for the Phoenix Saga thing-my roommate follows X-Men religiously). Just to add to what everyone else said, it's impossible to get ABC (or any other network, for that matter) without commercials. Can't be done. Even Nielsen houses get commercials-it's how the network pays to put on shows like Captain N ^_^."

Rodolfo J Mendoza says: "I want you to tell Victor that he is a mindless twerp that doesn't know jack crap about Captain N: The Game Master. He is also a dumb little loser that better get his facts straight, or I will set him straight for making up lies about my favourite show of all time."


Laurie Kelley says: "I fell off my chair and nearly died laughing at this! The part about Mega Man, a toilet, and a plunger was hilarious!!! The Captain N series is a kids show and would never air on Showtime. Are you sure he wasn't talking about the X-Men when he mentioned the Phoenix Saga? Why would they kill off a main character? I thought about Mario RPG when I read the part about Lana getting a "cannon that can shoot out stars". And the movie, I wish! In short, Victor's so full of it his eyes should be brown, if they're not already!!! (No offense intended)"

David Hartline says: "To paraphrase what James Bond told Scaramanga in 'The Man with the Golden Gun', I know of (but never have written or stated) a useful word spelled with four letters and beginning with the letter S, and I do believe that Mr. Victor Athey is full of it! (Bond said 'There's a useful four-letter word, and you're full of it.') I'm glad you don't lend much credibility to what he told you, because it's completely ludicrous, and even if it weren't, most of it is completely illogical. I find the first rumor to be the most hilarious. First off, why in the world would the show's creators switch to drawing Simon wrong if they were allowed to draw him right in the first place? And commercial-free programming from ABC? Not a chance in the eternal oven! Having two teenagers make out seems a little too far above a G-rating to be in a cartoon such as Captain N, as well. Rumor 1 is not entirely impossible, but I sincerely doubt it. Oh, and 150 episodes? That would be six prolific seasons, and the Nintendo had not been out that long! Pardon me if I laugh my head off now. Rumor 2 isn't even realistic. He says he taped them from Showtime? Sorry, but I find this one so ridiculous that it isn't even funny to me. Rumor 3? The title, as everyone else knows, is from a five-part episode of X-Men, and anyone who remembers seeing the previews on television would know that, not to mention anyone who remembers seeing the episode. I think 'Captain N and the Game Crusaders' may have been a twisting of 'Captain N & The Video Game Masters'. Simon being killed seems a bit too bloody for Captain N, and besides, why would Konami let a TV show kill off one of their star characters? And why in the world would Lana volunteer to have a perfectly good hand removed?! That makes absolutely no sense to me. I hold out little hope for Rumor 4. Although I like the series and would go to a movie if one came out, I agree with some of the others in that it wouldn't have much of a chance. Of course, I'd rather go to a movie that had some bearing on the series. And without Rumor 1, Rumor 5 collapses. From what I've seen, the comic books have very little to do with the TV series that we know. The comic books probably weren't made by the same people who made the TV show. I agree that we can safely call these rumors lies. Maybe MegaMan333 was right, and Victor thought that was how the show should have been. Of course, Adam Stout may be right, instead, and I do think about Victor more along Mr. Stout's lines. That, or Victor needs serious mental help. He's obviously lying; either he's doing it consciously, or he's thoroughly confused, or he's nuts. At least if these lies don't make you furious when you read them, they are good for some amusement. (It takes quite a lot to make me furious, and Victor's lies aren't enough.) Maybe someone ought to make Victor sit down and watch tapes of the entire Captain N series and 'The Phoenix Saga' from the X-Men for days on end so he'll get his facts straight!"

MegaMan223 says: "HA HA!!! Those rumors are so crappy, you'd think Victor crapped them out and then fished them out of his toilet! I mean, Mega Man with a PLUNGER? Well, after seeing how the animators screwed Mega Man up in the show, that's not so hard to believe. =P Geez, Mega Man is 4 feet 11 inches (or if you've played the more recent games, he's 5 feet 7 inches). The show had him as what? 2 feet? Those rumors had me rolling on the floor laughing."

Mandi Ohlin says: "I laughed my ass off reading the 'Victor Is An Idiot' section. I've heard a lot of rumors regarding the return of long-cancelled shows, and his have to be the most ludicrous I've ever heard! First off, this is network TV in the United States: are they really going to make a cartoon with two characters making out? Maybe on FOX, but not NBC! And I have Showtime, which almost never shows cartoons. There is no way a Captain N movie would come out now, either; the target audience would have no clue about the original cartoon series! Finally, regarding the Phoenix Saga-that has to be the most ludicrous patched-together fantasy I've ever heard. Forget the fact that the Phoenix Saga is from the X-Men; the bit about Lana's hand proves that Victor is not only a liar, he's a terrible one at that!"

Stacie says: "Your Rumors page had me rolling on the floor laughing. Your friend, Victor, is what's known as a pathological liar. Those kind of people are so used to making up stories and convincing others that they're true that they believe it really is true themselves. To them, they aren't even lying. Those kind of people are so annoying to be around. I have a younger cousin who is like this. When he tells you something, you just smile and nod and then ignore's not worth arguing over, really. I think other people's comments to those rumors were hysterical."

Neon Odie says: "First of all, I would like to say to Victor: You're so stupid!!! Why the heck do you come up with all these lies??? Furthermore, I would also like to ask what volunteering a hand would do??? And for Rumor 1, are you sure he wasn't watching a demented Soap Opera?"

David Oxford says: "First, that guy is full of it. On the movie, with revivals of old TV shows into movies (or new cartoons, i.e. Extreme Ghostbusters), there is still hope. No telling whether they'd make it cartoon or live-action. Probably a mix, like the first episode. And the early series; no way. The Phoenix Saga? Hey, cartoons rip each other off all the time (the obligatory shrink, dream, amnesia, etc. episodes), but this would be seriously pushing it."

Cynthia Chan says: "First of all, I agree with you, and not with that scum, Victor. The Phoenix Saga was in the X-Men series. And what's this about Lana getting her hand removed? Never heard of it. And as for the "Silver Series", the only series that's Silver is Fox's "The Silver Surfer"! That series has nothing to do with Captain N at all!!! Therefore, tell your friend that I said this: Victor, you're a screaming, stupid liar, and I hope that you never show your face on this here Net ever again!"

Kenan Herder (Danyal's brother) says: "You're an f***ing b**ch! Victor is not a liar! I've actually heard those rumors (from other people, not your page), and they agree. Put this on your rumors page and see what they think!!!!!!"

Kevin Bryan says: "I saw the rumor page, and I have just one word for you - FUNNY! What if the stuff Victor said was true? Oh, Spooky!"

Alphaknight says: "Okay, Victor needs to get his facts straight. I think one, he has been reading too many comic books, because he has crossed, like, four different ones with the series. The silver series, I do believe, was a Silver Surfer story in one of the comic books. I never got to see the whole series, but what I did see was good. Okay, as far as the movie, I too heard a rumor about it, but that was only a rumor. If they were going to make one, don't you think it would be out already? I do. The thing about Captian N and Lana getting married - it was a farse. It never happened. You can tell Victor for me that he needs to get his head out of the comic books and pay attention to what is going on."

Gold Stryker says: "I just found your site and read the rumors, and now I feel like going Victor hunting!!!
Rumor #1: Hell no, no way, no how, just plain fake!!!
Rumor #2: Cap N on Showtime?!? Give me a break!!
Rumor #3: The Phoenix Saga was of course from X-Men. I even own the collection book of the whole saga.
Rumor #4: Only in our dreams...but judging from how he said it, possibly in our Nightmares....
Rumor #5: Uh-huh...right.... ::pukes from how much Victor-boy lies::

Jeffrey Lefebvre says: "VICTOR IS ON CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIMON DOES NOT DIE, CRACKHEAD."

Andres Thalheimer says: "Hmmm, Victor. Where do I start? If Simon was so hard to draw in the 'silver' series then why did they do over 150 episodes? The NES was released in '85 if I'm not mistaken so how could they do 150 episodes in four years before the series we all know and love? Phoenix saga? It's X-Men. 'Silver Series'? I believe this is from the silver age of comics. Circa 1960-1980 is referred to as the silver age by most people, we are currently in the modern age. Victor was using this comparison to give his lie birth. Hey, wouldn't it be funny if Victor started writing Fan-Fics? We could finally read that 'GREAT STORY EVERYONE'S CLAMORING FOR....THE GOD AWFUL PHOENIX SAGA!!!!!!!' Ooh. Read it twice, buy the action figures, and get all the Happy Meal toys!! Yeah, that'll happen. I wish to break this Victor. Not only for his blasphemous lies but for also ripping plots from X-Men. Oh, this Victor will suffer. Oh, yes....."

Casey Luk says: "I don't know what to think of Victor. But shit he's more high on hemp than me, (hey, I'm a Hipcat artist, well journalism student, f***ed up on Communism propaganda), anyway this Vic fella? He's so full of s***. Captain N died a long time ago. (Which is the reason why I'm doing pot, not. I'm jk. No really I am. I don't think Game Players would sign on a wacked person.) There is no way a movie would be made, especially with the little ones who were brought up with the Playstation and the PC games. My little cousin ain't know the Nintendo, and when I play for him, he doesn't get it (in a way of knowing the funness of old games, ect). So little kids don't even know the old games. (Which I think Nintendo should make new ones of). Simon Belmont can't die. Or else there woulnd't be Trevor Belmont, Richer Belmont, Maria Belmont. Lana cuts off her hand? ok I think Trevor seen way too much Yakuza movies, especially that Maza Int. one. I can't comment on the Showtime, because I'm Canadian, so we don't have it here. ABC not showing commercials. Trevor, baby let's do lunch. Stations are always in the bussiness of showing ads."

Jerry Hiott says: "First of all, uhh, what can I say but when that Victor was talking about an earlier season, Megaman didn't exists but Rockman did. Plus, if I was going to make up something saying there was another series, why not call it, 'Kevin's Return' or 'Warpzone to SNES', but the 'Phoenix Saga'? Wait a minute,...I did see that! It had Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, and Professor X in it! I did see that!"

Chris Blair says: "Your, um, 'Rumors' has one correct thing. There was a Captain N movie, but it wasn't called Captain N. It was the original Fourth of July special on NBC, simply called 'The Game Master'. I had been flipping through channels when I saw this movie that was just starting. The video game universe had been called the Game World, not Videoland, and Simon did look like his video game self. Kevin's last name was Hayland, not Keene, but the special was not made by DiC. It had aired a few months before the series launched, and I've only seen it one other time, on USA, when it aired late at night, 11:00 to be exact. It was an hour and a half lomg. So Victor was right about an earlier Captain N, and maybe just got the plot and length wrong. Showtime my ass!! They showed Captain N on USA, not Showtime! The only way there would ever be a Silver screen Captain N, was if we went and bashed a few heads to get it made. Phoenix Saga, phhh, X-Men. The star-shooting cannon, Geno from Mario RPG. Earlier Cap N, can't be. Mario was the first video game related show in the world, first aired in 1988, a full year before the great N. But, there would be hope if they made a new Captain N Series, what with N64."

Webster Sterling Swenson says: "I gotta say Mark, I loved the episode. [KEVIN GOES TO HOLLYWOOD] I think that it'll be great in all 3 parts except I still think that you shouldn't beat up Victor. In at least one of those random universes you're going to get in lots of trouble for hurting him. Victor may be your enemy, but he's also possibly a good part of the reason you're writing! If he hadn't lied about Captain N, history would have been changed dramatically! There might be no Season 4! Mark...I just realized something...You have a secret, don't you? ::smiles:: In at least one possible reality this is happening now. We are the writers...we cause things to happen. We are being written, too. Everything is and isn't it always will be and always won't be. In at least one possible reality you did meet Captain N. And in one possible reality you beat up Victor. And in a least one possible reality Captain N stops you because it is wrong. In at least one possible reality you are what Victor is in ours and Victor is what you are. And in at least one possible reality you and Victor are best friends, writing Captain N together. In one possible reality none of this happened. But in this possible reality it did...or did it? Good thinkings."

Pamela L. Pike says: "I think that Victor is a tree-hugging hippy who coulden't tell Link from a seventeen year old pop tart."

Tim Adkins says: "I am a major Captain N fan, and tell this Victor and his 'Silver Series' thing that he is full of S@#$. Tell him to get a life and stop telling lies about Captain N!!! I have followed Captain N since the very first episode. First off, VICTOR, where did you come up with these lies? As Stacie said, you are a pathological liar!!!! STOP BASHING CAPTAIN N AND GET A LIFE! CAPTAIN N IS THE BEST SHOW PERIOD! WHY DO U LIE!!! DON'T SHOW YOUR STUPID FACE ON THE WEB PERIOD, OR U WILL BE PUNISHED BY THE CAPTAIN N FANS. I am a true Captain N fan. Oh, and, if u see Victor, punch him for me, would ya?!"

Bill Mains says: "Tell that Victor kid to shut up. I acknowledge that a new comic series does exist, but the rest are nothing but s***. A movie, I was 5 when the series aired, and it's highly doubtful that Hollywood would be interested in a dead TV series. But if there should be another Captain N series, make it a little updated. Mega Man is blue and 4 feet tall, and throw other nintendo characters into the mix. (Banjo-Kazooie, Star Fox, etc.) Oh, yeah, the new Captain N series isn't what Victor said it was. HA, it was something new, a 'Pocket Universe' like in Marvel's 'Heroes Reborn' with a new updated team plus Mario joined for a short time. And the name of the creator is 'Dred Lox'. VICTOR, GET A LIFE, YOU MORON!!! GEEZ, HOW CAN YOU MAKE THIS CRAP? GO TO HELL, YOU @$$HOLE!!!!"

Bonny Lee Persons says: "I was just reading your C N rumors when in thought...What exactly is the point to it? If you know they're all lies, why not just take it down? And why not get any more, or different roumers, if you just can't seem to take it down? I've been coming to your site for a long time, and, by now, everyone knows that they're all lies...So what really is the point in keeping it up?" says: "You know, it's all true. Except Vic left out a few essential facts: Kid Icarus and Mega Man reveal their secret love for each other, right before Mega dies from a fatal rock-climbing accident; the Paperboy shows his postal tendencies and puts 18 Zapper rounds in the Eggplant Wizard; and Kevro withdraws into a catatonic state from all the hideous violence (he previously believed that people vanished in a badly-animated puff of smoke and sound effect when they died). Personally, I'd say that the second series was much more along the lines of what NoA wanted."

Jeff Berg wrote: "Victor is a piece of crap. He should be shot in the head and thrown in a ditch. Rumor #1, I have seen all of the Captain N episodes, not on their original dates though; there have been 0 episodes before 'Kevin In Videoland'. Rumor #2, all of the episodes have been edited; I've seen a few versions of each. Rumor #3, Victor must have his memory screwed into a ball of crossovers. Phoenix Saga was on the X-men. Rumor #4, I've heard of this movie; it is not Captain N though. Rumor #5, Does Victor take acid?"

Atariguy says: "All of the rumors are true. I do have a few corrections though. The commonly known one is the third series! The first one came out in 1983. The main characters were Captain N and Link (who was introduced in this series). Captain N had a magic hammer wich did double damage if he pressed a button before it hit. In 'Captain N and the Game Crusaders', Lana had both hands cut off. The movie will be released in five years with an action figure line and a TV show." says: "Victor's mom must've smoked crack and chugged Jack Daniels while she was pregnant with him. That is the only reason I can think of why he would say some weird-ass crap like that. I've watched Captain N religiously from age 6 to age 9, and I have never seen or heard any of the bulls*** your crackhead friend is shoveling at you. Mark, if you ever see Victor again, I'll give you the name of my therapist. Victor needs him more in one day than I do in an entire LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!"

Chuck Cochems says: "These certainly are fake as all hell. That much is clear. However, (and this seems to be a little known fact) there is one NES game where the hero gets to have sex. Not only that, it happens twice. I don't know if it's with different or the same woman, but it does happen. The game is Golgo 13, and, in retrospect, I think people are pretty suprised it ever got by NOA. You people with sick minds can have your ideas of what may be happening everytime RPG heroes go to sleep in inns. (Why do they always wake up so refreshed? :) ) But the only game where you know it does hapen is Golgo 13."

Lioness470 says: "I really don't need to say Victor is a liar, because it couldn't be more obvious, and because it's been stated over and over again. But as for the rumors themselves:
Rumor 1. Nope. No way. Couldn't happen.
Rumor 2. Hmmm....the part about it being edited could be true. But Captain N on Showtime? Yeah, right!
Rumor 3. 'Phoenix Saga'? Now where have I heard that before? :) This rumor is most definitly false! (Thankfully.)
Rumor 4. A Captain N movie. Hah. I wish there was, though not necessarily the one Victor made up.
Rumor 5. See response to Rumor 1.
I'm guessing that Victor told lots of different people this crap, and it got around to Kenan Herder before it got to you, Mark. That's why he thinks Victor is telling the truth, even though he obviously isn't."

Kelly Lea Harris says: "I once saw a cartoon where nearly everyone eventually made out at one point or another... of course it was on MTV... and had an extremely high rating... and was on only at night... but as for this Kenan person. Wouldn't Mark qualify as a S.O.B. rather than a B****? Though most people here seem to forget that the Nintendo actually made its debut in 1983 (SMB is copyrighted either 1983 or 1984, depending on what version you get), it's true it really didn't reach its high until 1986- the year The Legend of Zelda came out (or 1987, for the second version- the difference between the two versions is the addition of a warning to hold reset while turning the power off in the second version). Maybe Victor should make a story of all this. I'd really like to see what he says happened at that supposed Thanksgiving episode. Just by coincidence- Kevin "did" appear in one other series: Donkey Kong! That's right! But he wasn't exactly the Kevin we all know. He was a short- and I stress short- brown haired kid who accidentally ran into Annabelle (Mario's girlfriend), then later kidnapped by Donkey Kong and saved by Mario. If you think about it, the age is right. Though most people, and I for one, don't think of him as the same Kevin. And since I did go to Art School, I can tell everyone right off the bat the most probable reason why Simon isn't/wasn't drawn like in the game: TIME. In terms of cartoons, every second not only counts, but is literally money. Ever wonder why Mickey Mouse (He has the same B-Day as Allan Shepard, the astronaut... and myself) only has 4 fingers on each hand? It's because drawing the 5th finger would literally cost them from between $1000 to $3000 by the end of the cartoon. I know it doesn't seem that the current Belmont would be faster to draw than the real Belmont- but if you check the two out, one is more simplistic than the other. And short hair is easier to animate than long hair.... sorry, Lana."

Pilar Hernandez says: "I think that Victor is a drug addict. Probably he took crack when he said that rumors."

So, I think we can safely say that everything Victor said isn't true. Keep responding, though. This is fun! =)

Victor...well, not really

No, this isn't really Victor. This is actually Henry Sterchi, who works at Nintendo Of America. But he's a dead ringer for Victor!!! I showed this picture, which is from page 41 of the January, 1996, issue of GamePro magazine, to a bunch of kids on my school bus when I was a senior, and their reaction was "Oh my God, that's Victor!!!" Victor even dresses the same way: a basketball jersey and a cap worn backwards. So now you know what he looks like! =)

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